Episode 1

Open 24 Hours

Donna Ferres works the graveyard shift at a local convenience store. When a familiar face walks through the door, her night takes a dark turn.

Episode 2

The Creek Bottom

In the summer of 1985, an outgoing college student goes missing. Her family, her boyfriend and the police are horrified to learn the depraved truth.

Episode 3

Quiet The Dogs

After years of living in Dallas, a couple want to enjoy the wide-open spaces of East Texas. But unbeknownst to them, a menacing threat is heading their way.

Episode 4

The Red River

A preacher's daughter mysteriously vanishes just days before Christmas. When the disturbing truth comes to light, it raises more questions than answers.

Episode 5

The Girl On The Billboard

After a 15-year-old vanishes, her mother launches a community-wide campaign to find her. It takes weeks for the twisted truth to finally emerge.

Episode 6

The Torture Chamber

When Lisa Holden gets married, it triggers a long estrangement from her family. But at the root of this painful divide lies a sickening truth.

Episode 7

All The Lights Were On

Nikki Ansley takes a job at a convenience store in order to pay for her upcoming wedding. But her plans are derailed when two unwelcome customers show up.

Episode 8

Three Miles On Castle Rock Road

After a young Native American woman is found clinging to life on the side of a rural Montana road, her family and the authorities seek answers.

Episode 9

The Bodies In The Bunker

When a 16-year-old aspiring film producer and her boyfriend go missing, the truth behind their disappearance lies deep in an old, abandoned military bunker.

Episode 10

The Model Home Murders

21-year-old Lori Brown has everything going for her. Until one day, when danger arrives at her doorstep and an ill-fated encounter turns deadly.

Episode 11

His Blue Light

Throughout the 1990s a man committed a series of sexual assaults in Arkansas. As his violent attacks escalated, authorities joined forces to catch the culprit.

Episode 12

The Sinner And The Saint

When a man reaches out to a student on social media, she tries to help him turn his life around. But, her good intentions will come back to haunt her.

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