Episode 1

Savage Country

On their way to Oregon in January 1981, young lovers Kevin Thorpe and Laura Craig face evil on the mountainous, desolate back roads of Northern California.

Episode 2

Out In The Sticks

After Heather Young and her boyfriend relocate to Michigan's tranquil Lower Peninsula, a nasty fight leads to an explosive and terrifying outcome.

Episode 3

Picture Of Evil

A dinner for two dissolves into a nightmare for sophomore cheerleader Dominique "Nicky" Hurd and a classmate after they become the targets of a deranged predator.

Episode 4

When A Stranger Knocks

After fleeing her troubled marriage Deborah Brown and her kids seek refuge in rustic Maine. But when a stranger appears one night, their lives change forever.

Episode 5

Get Out

Young love leads 15-year-old high school student Jessica Keen down an increasingly rebellious path that culminates in a night of terror in rural Madison County, Ohio.

Episode 6

Taken For A Ride

Reeling from a recent breakup, 23-year-old Jacey McWilliams becomes smitten with a hot, new man. But a date in the Florida woods runs horrifically off course.