Episode 1

Kill Me Twice

A calculated serial killer preys on unsuspecting women. But when one woman refused to be his next victim, the killer goes on a tirade that ends his own demise.

Episode 1

Misfortune Teller

Patrick Fleming is found stabbed to death in a retirement home. Detectives are lead to a con-artist named Monica, but DNA from the scene belongs to a man.

Episode 2

Nothing To Hide

21-year-old Nicole Hutchings doesn't return home from a Halloween party. Over time, secrets begin to emerge and lead investigators to the least likely of suspects.

Episode 3

That's My Brother

Morris Davis and Suzette Pritchard are the victims of brutal overkill. The police can't find a suspect until a random tip breaks the case wide open.

Episode 3

Speak No Evil

Kris heads to the Californian coastline to take photos - and is never seen alive again. After years of dead ends, a chance phone call unlocks the stunning answer.

Episode 4

He Shouldn't Be With Us

Patricia Miller is found murdered just months after escaping a troubled relationship. The case goes cold for years until another murder is committed.

Episode 4

Campus Killer

A roommate discovers Loretta and Patrick gunned down in their campus apartment. The investigation shifts into high gear when police discover Loretta had a stalker.

Episode 5

I Know What Happened To That Girl

19-year-old Lisa Taylor vanishes quietly into the darkness. Months later, a shocking discovery is made that will finally reveal the truth.

Episode 6

Alibi Lullaby

Police are puzzled when a gruesome murder shakes their small town. The identity of the killer remains a mystery until an old secret emerges out of the shadows.

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