Episode 1

Corn-Fed '55 Chevy

In the south, it's all about family. Two brothers ask Tommy to preserve and modernize their grandfather's 1955 Chevy pickup truck.

Episode 2

The Monster Carlo

Tommy and his crew take a ride back to the '80s, as they transform a bone-stock 1986 Monte Carlo SS into a bumpin' LS4 "Monster Carlo" mega machine.

Episode 3

The Blue Ridge Buckin' Bronco

Tommy transforms a '74 Bronco by dropping a giant engine into a new body, with fresh paint and a fully re-designed interior.

Episode 4

Top Secret Impala

Tommy's friend Kenny sold his 1960 Chevy Impala when he started a family and has wanted it back ever since. Tommy finds one and plans to restore it as a...

Episode 5

I Love It

In a secret location, Tommy and his team get back to work on the '60 Chevy Impala restoration. They rebuild the engine and suspension before surprising a good friend.

Episode 6

Lambo Livin'

Tommy and his team are challenged with an epic supercar project: modifying a Lamborghini Huracan. But it needs its upgrades super-fast.

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