Episode 1


Follow the construction of a state-of-the-art new stadium for Valencia Football Club in Spain. How will it be built to prevent crowd stampedes and fires?

Episode 2


A look at major bridge disasters, including the catastrophic Minneapolis collapse. Plus, how engineers are learning from past failures to build ever more ambitious bridges.

Episode 3


At sea, you don't get a second chance. Learn how ships have become more technologically advanced and the design secrets that allow modern passenger ships to operate safely.

Episode 4


Structural weakness, fire or collapse in tall structures can be disastrous. Learn how leading engineers are using cutting edge technology to revolutionise buildings.

Episode 5


From evacuation systems to fireproof concrete, new tunnel projects are using high tech to keep people alive if the worst happens.

Episode 6


When trains crash the consequences can be catastrophic. Yet, despite the dangers, we are living in one of the great ages of train travel with faster and safer trains.

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