About The Show

Daring individuals face extreme conditions and harsh elements to build their dream properties in the most remote areas of the Alaskan wilderness.


Episode 1

My Life Is In Your Hands

Three new couples take on the Alaskan elements. Rookie builders Mike and Teresa construct a cabin, while Paige and Cody create a dog training facility.

Episode 2

From Temporary To Permanent

Mike and Teresa work on their foundation with a damaged excavator. A faulty nail gun annoys Mike and Kathleen, while Paige and Cody run low on supplies.

Episode 3

A Life Of Near Misses

Kathleen and Mike's team get dangerously high up to install the ridge beam. Plus, Paige and Cody realise they have the wrong insulation for their log walls.

Episode 4

It's Stressful Right Now

Mike and Kathleen's team spot bear tracks while on a supply run. Heavy beams slow down Mike and Teresa's plans, while Paige and Cody use a boom truck.

Episode 5


At Paige and Cody's site, mechanical failures prevent the project from finishing before dog sled season. Plus, Mike and Teresa's team take risks to build higher.

Episode 6

I Need Five Hands

Paige and Cody face more setbacks when two workers leave the site and a trailer breaks down. Plus, Mike and Kathleen watch part of their cabin begin to crumble.

Episode 7

Absolutely Insane

Mike and Teresa's team navigate slippery scaffolding. An ordering mistake costs Paige and Cody more time, while Mike and Kathleen deal with broken windowpanes.

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