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Paul and Barbara won £2.3 million on the lottery more than five years ago. Now they feel ready to find the perfect family home. But what will their £1mn budget buy them?


Episode 1


Paul and Barbara won £2.3 million on the lottery more than five years ago. Now they are looking for the perfect family home, with a £1 million budget.

Episode 2

East Midlands

Michael Holmes helps teachers Maria and Zig manage their £300,000 budget in order to find a house with enough space for stables and a paddock.

Episode 3


Clara and Derek want to return to Dublin after five years in England, but while Clara is keen to restore a ramshackle property, Derek isn't keen. What does Michael think?

Episode 4


After 20 years travelling with the British Army, Brian is about to retire, and wants to buy a property with his wife Beverley. But should they build or restore?

Episode 5


Alison and Gary want a more relaxed life in Wales. Will they buy a Grade II-listed farmhouse, build on a six-acre plot, or restore a medieval hall?

Episode 6


Vanessa and Andrew would like a bigger property in the country, but are nervous about making an expensive mistake. Michael Holmes comes to the rescue.

Episode 7


Anne and Roland are determined to move to as environmentally-friendly a house as possible. Help and advice is on hand from Michael Holmes.

Episode 8


Justin and Chantal want to upsize their property, but building a home will cost more than planned. Will they borrow so they can realise their dream?

Episode 9


David is experienced at building houses but is struggling to convince his partner Sarah that this is the best option when they move. Whose side will Michael be on?

Episode 10


James and Tom have a budget of £350,000. Will it be enough to fulfil their dream of a country home, fully fitted with mod cons, and boasting a walled garden?

Episode 11

North Wales

Paula is a property programme addict, but doesn't think she could tackle a renovation herself. Is Michael Holmes about to change her mind?

Episode 12


Maxine and Michael are looking for a detached family home with two bathrooms. Their budget is £380,000, but should they build or restore to get the most for their money?

Episode 13


Stephen and Natalie are looking for their dream house, but should they invest in a new build or restore a wreck? Michael Holmes helps them make the most of their...

Episode 14


Ian and Lisa are looking for a home with lots of land; but should they restore a farmhouse or build a new one? Michael Holmes helps them invest their £450,000...

Episode 15


Jason and Theresa would like to renovate a property, but with no experience, would investing in a new build be a better idea? Michael Holmes finds out.

Episode 16


Martin has always longed to build his own home, but he can't persuade his wife Susan that it's a good idea. What will property expert Michael Holmes think?

Episode 17

South Buckinghamshire

Career couple Peter and Milly are busy with business and a toddler; should they buy a new build, or take on another challenge and renovate a house?

Episode 18


Chris and Sue have sold their business and want to buy a property. But should they enjoy a relaxing retirement or take the chance to make a profit on a...

Episode 19

Newport Pagnell

Richard and Kristie have a big budget of £425,000. Can property expert Michael Holmes help them find a home with entertaining space and a workshop?

Episode 20


Nike and John have a massive budget of £1.5 million, but is it enough to keep up with rising house prices in the South East and secure their dream home?

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