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Coming Soon

Episode 1

William Cornick

A clever child from a loving home, William Cornick shocked Britain when he stabbed to death his teacher, Anne Maguire, in 2014. What caused his pathological hatred?

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Episode 2

Lorraine Thorpe

In 2009, Rosalyn Hunt and Desmond murdered by teenager Lorraine Thorpe and her accomplice. Was Britain's youngest double female killer always destined to kill?

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Episode 3

James Fairweather

15-year-old James Fairweather terrorised a local community with random deadly attacks that left two people dead. What made him carry out such brutal murders?

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Episode 4

Kim Edwards / Lucas Markham

Teen lovers Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham were convicted of murdering her mum, Elizabeth and younger sister, Katie in April 2016. What led them to kill?

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Episode 5

Joshua Davies

16-year-old Joshua Davies was sentenced to 14 years in jail for the murder of his on-off girlfriend, Rebecca Aylward. Why did kill - and only confess to it in prison?

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Laundrette Killers

In 2013, Sean McHugh, went to a laundrette in Anfield, Liverpool to do his washing, only to be stabbed by a teenage gang. What made them kill an innocent man?