Episode 1

The Murder Of Rhys Jones

In Liverpool, 11-year-old Rhys Jones was shot dead as he walked home from football practice. His dad and his football coach discuss this tragic story.

Episode 2

The Murder Of Lindsay Birbeck

Mother-of-two Lindsay Birbeck's body was found in a quiet corner of a graveyard. Her family and ex-partner speak out about this devastating murder.

Episode 3

The Murder Of Liam Gray

18-year-old Liam Gray was attacked and stabbed through the heart by one of his friends. His mum and sisters speak out about the tragedy for the first time.

Episode 4

The Murder Of Megan McAlorum

16-year-old Megan McAlorum's body was discovered after a night out with friends in Belfast. Her family and best friend discuss the tragic incident.

Episode 5

The Murder Of Kyron Webb

Kyron Webb was just 15 years old when he was brutally stabbed in the street in Manchester. His mum and friends tell the tragic story of his murder.

Episode 6

The Murder Of Christopher Folkes

Christopher Folkes was crossing the park on the way to his mother's house when he was attacked by a stranger. His family speak out about his murder.

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