Episode 1

Bitches Brew

Sam and Dogfish team collaborate with Sony Records to create a fusion beer in honour of the 40th Anniversary of Miles Davis' classic album, "Bitches Brew."

Episode 2


Sam heads to Peru to explore an ancient corn-based brew called Chicha. Meanwhile, the Dogfish staff are enlisted to use their own saliva to brew their newest craft beer.

Episode 3

Grain To Glass

Dogfish jump at the chance to create their first "cedar-fied" beer, when a company approaches Sam about making a beer out of cedar scraps from hand-made surfboards.

Episode 4

Punkin & Portamarillo

Sam journeys to New Zealand to make an attempt at creating an indigenous brew for Beervana, the Annual craft-brewing competition.

Episode 5

Ancient Ale

Dogfish Head is about to brew a batch of "Chateau Jihau," a 9000 year-old recipe based on pottery jars recovered from a village in Northern China.

Episode 6

3 Beers For Batali

Sam collaborates with Mario Batali and two Italian brewers to create signature beers for an old world Italian style brewery, aptly named Gina, Wanda and Sophia.

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