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Next Up


27th January



Coming Soon

Episode 1

We're Now Professional Diaper Changers

Jamielynn wants Matt to stop wasting money and commit to her. Aly and Josh are ruled by toddlers as a health scare takes them to the ER.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Holy Triplets

After their huge argument, Autumn and Matthew try to regroup to plan for the baby's living arrangements. Plus, Matt reveal some shocking news to Jamielynn.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Pregnant 8 Months, Together For 9

Autumn's mum is concerned about the living plans for the baby. Mariah and Raymond are eight months pregnant but have only been together for nine!

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Overdue And Overwhelmed

Jamielynn struggles with the kids when Matt goes back to work. Julia can finally leave the hospital but is devastated to discover the triplets need to stay.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Nightmare Labor

A family road trip descends into chaos when Aly and Josh take out their three toddlers. Plus, Julia and Ryan can finally bring home one of their triplets.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Step Up Or Ship Out

Mariah and Raymond butt heads when the subject of baptising their son comes up. Plus, nearly two weeks after her due date, Autumn finally goes into labour.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Mommie-In-Law Dearest

Autumn and Matt finally bring Baby Chloe home to the boat. Meanwhile, a stressed Julia feels outnumbered by the triplets and considers asking for help.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

I Don't Want To Leave My Children

Julia faces an emotional rollercoaster when she leaves the kids at home to return to work. Autumn and Matthew try therapy to help them co-parent.

Jan 27


Episode 9

You Can't Always Fix What's Broken

Jamielynn expects a proposal when she finds a hidden ring, whilst Autumn and Matthew make a final decision about their marriage.

Jan 27


Episode 10

Time To Break Free

The Sadler triplets are ready to meet the world. Autumn and Matthew say goodbye to the boat, and Matt makes a decision on proposing to Jamielynn.