Episode 1

Ring Of Truth

Demetra Smith was living in marital bliss with her new husband, but her happiness was cut short when her stepdaughter finds her shot execution-style in her bed.

Episode 2

No Good Deed

Richard Davis runs up to an ambulance clutching a gunshot wound to his abdomen. Before he dies, he tells a doctor about a mysterious woman who lured him to his...

Episode 3

Speaking For The Dead

The Atlanta Homicide team juggles two cases at once that are potentially linked. Could these brutal shootings be by the same person?

Episode 4

The Silver Man

The Atlanta Homicide team is called to a crime scene when a body wrapped in silver tape is discovered at a church playground. What will the detectives uncover?

Episode 5

Closer Than You Think

When Candiace Person is found murdered in her home, detectives uncover evidence that she was being meticulously stalked by her killer prior to her death.

Episode 6

Death Of Innocence

When 9-year-old Annaijh Rolax and 15-year-old Shawn Powe are murdered in the city of Atlanta, the Atlanta Homicide team are determined to find justice.

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