Episode 1

And So It Begins

Ant Anstead has 12 weeks until his baby boy is due, and the same amount of time to fulfil a childhood fantasy, to own a 1950s Alfa Romeo 158.

Episode 2

What Lies Beneath

Ant has found a donor 1950s chassis, so his ambitious Alfa 158 build can now begin in earnest. He also digs deep into his inspiration for this project.

Episode 3

Scavengers Delight

Ant visits an Alfa specialist and gets more than he bargained for. Its win-win, but it'll be tricky to fit a Spider's axle, gearbox and engine into his 158.

Episode 4

Across The Pond

Ant is beginning to feel the pressure of his ambitious build. The only place he can get the correct body mould on short notice is more than 5,000 miles away.

Episode 5

The One-Armed Bandit

As the Alfa build nears the halfway point, a torn bicep threatens to derail the project. Ant's wife is surprised to learn that the 158 is a single-seater.

Episode 6

Does My Chassis Look Big In This?

Ant's 158 and injured arm are both progressing, but he still needs help. Meanwhile, the body is still in transit and might not fit the chassis.

Episode 7

The Real Deal

Ant hits week seven of his Alfa build and takes the team on a pilgrimage to see an original Alfa 158. He is starstruck and even squeezes into the beauty...

Episode 8

O Motor Where Art Thou

Ant's engine for the Alfa 158 is still missing in action and he is losing patience. He's been working early mornings, late nights and weekends.

Episode 9

Rise And Wine

Ant tries to sweet-talk his way into taking the completed Alfa 158 to the US Grand Prix in Austin. But the car isn't done, and the crew must do the...

Episode 10

License To Grille

Ant's ambitious Alfa build is on the home stretch, but his new baby is due any day. And, he gets good news about his plan to unveil the car at...

Episode 11

It's Alive

With the deadline near on his Alfa build, Ant still has to get it running and finalise the design. So, he seeks out legendary designer Chip Foose for advice.

Episode 12

Date With A 158

Ant must strip the Alfa 158 down, paint every part and rebuild the car for its debut at the US Grand Prix. Will its performance on the track live up...

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