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Investigators identify a location used for illegal dog fighting, and the search turns out to be the start of a long and important investigation.


Episode 1

Incredible Rescues

A drug bust is held up until brave rescue driver DeAndre Folks removes four very aggressive pit bulls. Plus in another part of town a dog is shot in the...

Episode 2

Feline Frenzy

Just outside Detroit, a man has allowed his home to become completely overrun with cats which are virtually feral, extremely aggressive, and living in foul conditions.

Episode 3

Cold as Ice

Ramos and MacDonald have to deal with an elderly couple whose tiny house is filled with animals. Living conditions are overcrowded and the animals are in bad shape.

Episode 4

Wounded by Wire

The Detroit Police has requested assistance in dealing with a houseful of reptiles discovered during a raid and Ramos and Bothuel soon have their hands full.

Episode 5

Left in the Cold

Senior Investigator Debby MacDonald and her partner Mark Ramos are at an address that has been the subject of cruelty complaints several times before.

Episode 6

Cat Catching

Investigator Shaun Hairston leads a team to a cat-hoarder's house. She's amassed 100 cats, and they find some in the oven and in the pipes. Can they remove them all?

Episode 7

Mysterious Injuries

When the Michigan Humane Society investigate a suspected case of dog beating, they find something else. Plus, two abandoned labradors have a mystery condition.

Episode 8

Deserted Dogs

Investigators decide if the owner of two pit bulls with severe mange should be prosecuted, and rescue an ailing puppy that is starving and dehydrated.

Episode 9

Amazing Recoveries

An emaciated and almost frozen dog somehow survives. A puppy used as bait in a pit bull fight makes a full recovery, and a dog who was shot begins to...

Episode 10

Most Unforgettable Cases

A puppy is found with a deep gash in its neck and agents Henry and Kristi investigate who's responsible, while the vets work tirelessly to heal the puppy.

Episode 11

Darling Diesel

Special investigators receive alarming allegations that a dog has been shot. Meanwhile, agents check out reports of a dog being kept in appalling living conditions.

Episode 12

Piglet's Got to Go

Investigators Hairston and Dowe remove animals from the home of a hoarder they've dealt with before, including a squealing, pink, pot-bellied challenge!

Episode 13

Hungry to Happy

Investigator Mark Ramos is back to face the owner of eight extremely skinny dogs. It's time for her to face up to her responsibilities or say goodbye to her dogs.

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