About The Show

An investigation into UFO sightings, alleged abductions and extra-terrestrial encounters throughout the wild landscape of America’s last frontier.


Episode 1

Nightmare Below Zero

A man on a night-time snowmobile ride suddenly feels something has been implanted in his leg. And, an otherworldly beast stalks a family over three generations.

Episode 2

Men In Black

Strange men in black suits knock on the door of a UFO witness after an eerie light show. A woman is terrorized by small humanoid creatures that only she can...

Episode 3

Alien Flight Plan

A bush pilot witnesses unsettling UFO activity. A former government operative reveals top-secret coordinates to an alleged alien base.

Episode 4

Night Stalkers

An extra-terrestrial stalker leaves a family frozen in fear outside of Juneau, Alaska. A maritime monster nearly capsizes an aircraft on Alaska's famed Lake Iliamna.

Episode 5

They Walk Among Us

Hunters unearth new clues about Bigfoot's cosmic origins. An Air Force veteran receives a shocking response when he reports UFO activity over Fairbanks.

Episode 6


A couple finds massive footprints near Nancy Lake. Is something nonhuman stalking them? Strange lights circle above Fairbanks in coordinated patterns, shocking witnesses.

Episode 7

The Mother Ship

An amateur photographer captures floating orbs on camera. UFOs seemingly circle a larger, egg-shaped mother ship floating high above Anchorage.

Episode 8

Above and Far Beyond

A legendary beast attacks a cabin on the Aleutian Islands. A UFO pursues a woman as she drives through an extra-terrestrial hot spot.

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