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Next Up


25th December



Dec 25


Episode 1

Stranded in Alaska

Nine people are abandoned in Alaska with only basic supplies and a goal to return to civilisation. By day three, it's already too much for one team member.

Dec 25


Episode 2

What Did I Sign Up For?

The team's inexperience in the wilderness is becoming apparent as some team members begin struggling early on under the staggering weight of their packs.

Dec 25


Episode 3

Porcupine Stew

The team have caught a porcupine. But what's the best way to cook this prickly customer? They decide on soup, but is it tasty?

Dec 25


Episode 4

Crash Landing

The desperate hunt for food continues, Dan's health is on a downward spiral, and the group endure their worst shelter yet.

Dec 25


Episode 5

Bringing the Big Gun

It is a struggle for survival as tensions mount when the group push forward and hunt for wild animals. Will the hunters hit their targets?

Dec 25


Episode 6

Bear Hunt

Alaska continues to challenge the group in ways they never dreamed possible and they are shedding pounds at an alarming rate. Will they finally get a big catch?

Dec 25


Episode 7

Trophy Hunter

The Alaskan winter has arrived and some of the team are nearing their breaking point. Will they be able to survive the last frontier?

Dec 25


Episode 8

Out of the Wild

After battling against all odds, the five remaining volunteers are on the lookout for signs of civilisation and must seek a way out of the cold, harsh wilderness.