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Three repo men chase luxury planes for big dollars across America. Relying upon wits, skill and sheer cojones, it’s a high risk for high reward.


Episode 1

Armed on Arrival

Mike Kennedy calls in his team in order to snag a Czechoslovakian fighter jet. Ken Cage and Danny Thompson go after a $2 million Citation CJ1 and end up under...

Episode 2

The Blonde Bomber

While Mike Kennedy attempts his first helicopter heist, Danny put his partnership with Ken in jeopardy when he steps out on his own to repossess a Cessna 340.

Episode 3

Repo Rat Race

Ken and Danny race to beat out rival repo men on a big yacht heist. Plus, Mike finds himself in a high stakes game of 'chicken' between a Lear jet...

Episode 4

Panic at 10,000

Kevin and Heather have grabbed themselves a Learjet. But when a mechanical failure leads to an imbalance in the jet's fuel load, Kevin battles through a storm.

Episode 5

Blood & Mud

Kevin tastes blood snatching a one million dollar Falcon 20. Plus, Mike is called in to repo a Cessna 208 Caravan used in the trafficking of exotic animals.

Episode 6

Wounded Warbird

Kevin green lights Heather's first solo repo, to which she pays the price for her mistakes. Plus, Mike returns to Puerto Rico to recover an old family relic.

Episode 7

Flying Blind

Turbulence could spell disaster for Mike Kennedy. Meanwhile, a second crack at a $3million Citation V offers Ken Cage and Danny Thompson a shot at redemption.

Episode 8

Get Rich or Die Flyin'

With three assets and $3,000,000 on the table, Kevin is looking at one of the most complex missions of his career. To pull it off, he calls in Mike Kennedy.

Episode 9

Ken Gets Played

A debtor swipes the helicopter that Ken and Danny were only seconds away from repossessing, Mike Kennedy seizes a charter jet, and Kevin is swarmed by the FBI.

Episode 10

South Of The Border

Mike Kennedy repos a chopper from the roof of a corporate high-rise, and Kevin Lacey infiltrates a Mexican ranch to snatch a plane stolen by a wayward brother.

Episode 11

Two If by Air, One If by Sea

Ken and Danny seize a luxury yacht and the debtor comes after them full-force. Kevin and Heather find themselves in the middle of a mid-air nightmare.

Episode 12

Mid-Air Repo

Mike Kennedy helps an old pilot retrieve his stolen skywriting plane. And Kevin and Heather pose as tourists in order to attempt a rare mid-air repo.

Episode 13

Saint Croix Swipe

Ken Cage and Danny Thompson try to repo two planes from a much-feared criminal. And Kevin Lacey gets cosy with a debtor in order to swipe his classic jet.

Episode 14

No Safe Harbor

Mike and his wife go undercover to repo a go-fast boat. Meanwhile, Kevin attempts to swipe a deadbeat flight school's entire fleet of Cessnas.

Episode 15

Hired Guns

Ken Cage and Danny Thompson repo a tour bus. Plus, Kevin Lacey faces armed guards on a night time repo, and Mike Kennedy is caught in a gun-smuggling operation.

Episode 16

Diving for Repos

In Florida, Mike Kennedy goes underwater to seize a seaplane. Meanwhile, Ken Cage and Danny Thompson chase a debtor who's fooling them with phony flight plans.

Episode 17

Guns, Girls & Gambles

Mike and Valerie crash a high-stakes poker game to learn the location of a jet. Plus, Ken and Danny hunt down the luxury yacht of a womanising sleaze bag.

Episode 18

Repo 911

Kevin poses as an interviewer to gain access to a Westwind jet, Ken and Danny valet a car to get the keys to a Cessna CJ3, and Mike repos an...

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