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About The Show

The couples from this season meet for the first time in a dramatic showdown. Host Shaun Robinson discusses their most intense moments, with some shocking reveals.


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Episode 1

The Clock Is Tickin'

Everyone is on edge, as the foreign partners prepare to land in the US. One woman has her American dreams crushed when she arrives to a disappointing discovery.

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Episode 2

Young And Restless

Colt goes to the airport to meet Larissa. Asuelu has a surprise for Kalani. Steven prepares to go to Russia and Ashley is in Jamaica for Jay's visa interview.

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Episode 3

Rough Landings

Ashley and Jay land in America. Steven and Olga prepare for their baby's arrival. Meanwhile, Larissa meets her new roommate: Colt's mum.

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Episode 4

I Know What You Did

Leida's family arrives in NYC and Larissa clashes with Debbie over a big decision. Fernanda and Jonathan fight at the club. Plus, Olga gets unexpected news.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Not What I Thought

Jonathan and Fernanda continue their fight. Colt surprises Larissa. Jay is uncomfortable at Ashley's local market and Olga has complications during labour.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Flirting With Disaster

Olga is upset with Steven's attitude and Leida tells Eric's daughter to move out. Plus, Ashley confronts Jay about his untrustworthy behaviour.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Ready To Run

Larissa upsets Colt when she suggests his mum moves out. After checking out their wedding venue, Leida and Eric have a huge row. And, Ashley gets shocking news.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

No Way Out

Ashley and Jay alter their wedding plans after some threatening comments. Steven and Olga's plans to emigrate get derailed. And, Larissa and John have an explosive fight.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Backed Into A Corner

Ashley and Jay elope in Vegas. Steven applies for Richie's American passport leaving Olga afraid he'll go to America without her. And, Kalani drops a bombshell.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Where Truth Lies

Eric tries convincing his daughters to attend his wedding. Kalani's big news upsets her sister and Ashley and Jay walk down the aisle in Vegas.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Make It Or Break It

Ashley learns Jay's secret whilst Eric and Leida have last-minute problems before their wedding. With the 90 days up, Colt and Larissa face their issues.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Tell All Part 1

The couples from this season meet for the first time in a dramatic showdown. Host Shaun Robinson discusses their most intense moments, with some shocking reveals.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Tell All Part 2

A conflict on social media between Larissa and Fernanda plays escalates into a huge argument in the studio. And, Ashley and Jay discuss their future.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

90 Day Live SP 1

Host Michelle Collins looks at viewers' social media questions and gets the gossip from guests including Colt's mum Debbie, and Angela from 'Before the 90 Days.'

Coming Soon

Episode 15

90 Day Live

Host Michelle Collins meets cast members from the series, and Jesse from 'Before the 90 Days'. And, there's previously unseen footage, fan tweets and viewers' questions.