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Wheeler Dealer presenters Edd China and Mike Brewer stand against a grey stormy sky (DCL)
Take one canny car trader, a mechanical maestro, up to £20,000 and a load of oil, sweat and know-how, and what have you got? WHEELER DEALERS of course! Mike Brewer and Edd China are back on their hunt for treasure as they find rundown classic cars and transform them into sleek, gleaming beauties ready to sell on to a punter for a healthy profit.

In this series Mike and Edd celebrate discovering and working on their 100th car in style, by restoring the classic veteran car the Darracq. Once renovated, the aim is to drive the car successfully from London to Brighton, starting at 6am; the finish time is whenever they make it, if they make it. And if that wasn’t hard enough, Mike and Edd have to tackle heavy traffic, steep ascents and descents with an aging engine and the inevitable breakdowns and against-the-clock roadside fixes. More about the show