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James, Ben, Wayne and Billy. (DCL)

It's back for a second season of jaw-dropping illusions performed by four of the world's most innovative magicians around the globe as they transform pure science into head-scratching magic tricks.

As Ben, Billy, Wayne and Nate wow audiences on the streets of London, New York and Warsaw, you'll learn about the chemistry, physics and biology behind the world's greatest illusions.

Breaking Magic fuses the showmanship and mystery of street magic with the raw power of science. Watch as each trick surprises unsuspecting bystanders with mystifying results; including overpowering an entire American Football team to levitating fast food to a life-threatening underwater escape and many more.

Hidden cameras on the streets capture bystanders awestruck by these magicians' unexpected tricks, while viewers get the benefit of the magicians' insight, as they explain the scientific reality behind each illusion.
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