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The magic returns with new mystifying tricks. See the world’s most innovative magicians transform science into magic tricks and explain the scientific reality behind each illusion.


Episode 1

Sword Of Damocles

Billy Kidd shows off her sword skills by slicing a basketball clean in two, and Nate uses the same sword in a terrifying stunt that puts his life on the...

Episode 2

Underwater Escape

Ben Hanlin helps Wayne Houchin to emulate the great magician Harry Houdini in a dangerous underwater escape. But will they pull off their audacious attempt?

Episode 3

Death Lift

Ben goes head to head in a strength test with an American Football team and Billy Kidd clings on for dear life in a high-flying stunt at London's Battersea power...

Episode 4

Leap of Faith

Billy Kidd demonstrates some mind-bending tricks in Warsaw and Ben tries to save Nate from plunging to his death in a bungee jump with a terrifying twist.

Episode 5

Breaking Point

Ben Hanlin turns up the heat in a red-hot stunt with only Wayne to save him. It all looks like magic, but find out how it's all made possible with...

Episode 6

Bigger Destruction

Nate and Wayne scale up the traditional three-card-monte trick into a life-threatening stunt involving a huge digger, some metal and a lot of destruction.

Episode 7

Disused Institution

Billy Kidd and Wayne Houchin take the audience on a chilling tour of an abandoned mental institution where all is not what is seems.

Episode 8


Nate and Wayne take over a fairground for the evening, with a series of tricks, stalls and rides to confound and confuse their unsuspecting visitors.

Episode 9


While Ben sells a miraculous substance, Billy and Wayne head to an old abandoned waterworks where they unearth the truly baffling properties of the water there.

Episode 10

Cold War Facility

Ben and Wayne look into the facts and fictions of an abandoned Cold War spy facility. While it all looks magical, it is science that makes everything possible.

Episode 11

Old Fort

While Billy Kidd outmuscles a couple of tough guys, Nate Staniforth and Ben Hanlin are at an old military fort where they mix magic with huge explosions.

Episode 12

Graffiti Mind Control

While Nate tries to sell his "everlasting" chocolate, Billy and Wayne try to tap into the close bond between friends, and see if mind control is possible.

Episode 13

Instant Cupcakes

Wayne Houchin is in New York with explosive water and cupcakes that can bake themselves instantly. Meanwhile, Nate amazes Londoners with a pack of cards.

Episode 14

Behind the Scenes: Water and Swords

Today's most creative magicians show how science works in creating mystifying, bewildering tricks and illusions that astound the spectator.

Episode 15

Behind the Scenes: Fire and Heights

Ben reveals how close he came to disaster in his dramatic escape from fire. Plus, we reveal the ups and downs of Wayne's latest sky-high stunt.

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