Misfit Garage


A spin-off of the hit Discovery Channel series Fast N' Loud, Misfit Garage sees four mechanics join forces to create their own hot rod shop. Will our band of outsiders be able to turn their garage into a money-making machine, or will their mistakes sink their business before it gets off the ground?

During the first two seasons of Fast N’ Loud, Richard Rawlings, owner of the Gas Monkey Garage, had a series of issues with two of his brilliant and colourful mechanics - Tom Smith and Jordan Butler. After relations finally went beyond repair, Smith and Butler banded together with fellow car pros Thomas Weeks and Scot McMillan to form their own start-up garage, the Fired-Up Garage. The new venture is their chance to go head-to-head with the Gas Monkeys and prove to everyone that they have what it takes to make it big in the hot rod world.

We follow the Fired-Up Garage crew as they pin their hopes and dreams on their new business venture. Unfortunately, succeeding in the car biz proves to be much harder than they bargained for. And with Richard Rawlings undermining their efforts at every turn, running a successful shop may prove to be a bigger challenge than they can handle.

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