Survival expert, adventurer, and all-round Discovery Channel hero Bear Grylls is back in action – and he's not alone. This time, he's taking everyday people on a personal journey to face their fears.

In each episode of Bear Grylls: Breaking Point, our indomitable host will be joined by two people who have a serious phobia or personal obstacle to overcome, from the common - rats, spiders and insects - to the bizarre - trees, water and wind. He'll evaluate them from afar, before they set off on their own in the wilderness for 24 hours, followed by a challenging two-day journey with Bear.

This new series explores a whole range of different fears, including a British obsessive-compulsive who's terrified of dirt and blood because he’s scared of contamination. We also meet two aquaphobic men tormented by a fear of water, after one lost a son to drowning and the other was a victim of the tsunami.

But it's no tea party for Bear either, as he'll be sent way out of his comfort zone and put under extreme pressure as he tries to encourage, empower and cajole his companions into facing down their demons.

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