Rise Of The Warrior Apes

Filmed over 23 years, Rise of the Warrior Apes tells the epic story of an extraordinary troop of chimpanzees in Ngogo, Uganda – featuring four mighty warriors who rule through moral ambiguity, questionable politics, strategic alliances and destroyed trust.

The warrior apes, who are known as the largest troop of chimpanzees ever discovered, control a vast empire and reign with terror through war, politics and alliances. Built upon over 20 years of remarkable storylines – from their emergence as young adults culminating in their total dominance – Rise of the Warrior Apes provides a fresh and uncensored perspective on these magnificent and sometimes terrifying animals.

Researchers, who first started studying and filming these apes in 1993, were determined to understand how they had established a unit more than three times the size of anything ever seen in the wild before. Over more than two decades, their dedication, extraordinary capacity as story-tellers and remarkable archive of film – supplemented with new specially shot material – reveal groundbreaking insights into animal behaviour and perhaps even into human evolution.