He’s conquered the Yukon, now it’s time to conquer the jungle.

In the brand new series of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, Parker Schnabel heads to Guyana, the most prospective, yet under explored gold regions in the world, to test his hand in mining through the rich dirt. In 2016, over £625 million in gold was mined in Guyana vs. £59 million in Parker’s homeland, the Yukon. But Parker is used to running a multi-million-dollar corporation, he’s going to have to strip back to basics in the jungle, forgetting everything he knows about mining. To help him navigate the unfamiliar turf, Parker meets up with local rogue miners along the way to learn how to mine Guyana style in attempt to hid the mother lode.

Join Parker, Karla Ann and Rick Ness on the crazy, 300-mile adventure through the jungle and across the caiman-infested rivers to get to the gold rich deposits. Bad-ass Karla brings her wilderness expertise, and a female perspective, to Guyana to help the rowdy team navigate through flash floods and face their fears on the 50-day adventure.

“It’s definitely not the safest place to be, but since when is safe fun?” – Parker 2018