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Relationships with exes can be complicated, but some trios are too close for comfort! These bizarre love triangles take ex relationships to the next level.


Episode 1

Great Ex-pectations

De'Andre's new girlfriend, Elodie, doesn't like that his ex, Rowan, is best friends with his mum. Amid tension with her husband, April leans on his ex-wife.

Episode 2

Un-expected News

Matt's ex moves in, upsetting his current girlfriend. Alex's ex wants to be godfather to Alex and Caroline's baby, while De'Andre plans a trip with his ex.

Episode 3

Waiting To Ex-hale

Ex Chelsea has an awkward dinner with Matt's girlfriend, Kenzie, and her parents. Josh, Danielle, Jennifer and Chantel stun friends and family with a secret.

Episode 4

What To Ex-pect

Alex and Caroline get a dose of parenting reality when they babysit for Alex's sister. Meanwhile, Matt, Kenzie and ex Chelsea cool off in the pool.

Episode 5

You're Gonna Need To Ex-plain

Elodie confronts De'Andre's ex about their trip to Sanibel. Matt and Chelsea fall into old habits, and Alex confides in Steve.

Episode 6

An Ex-cursion Gone Wrong

Elodie has "ex"-rated questions about De'Andre and Rowan's relationship. Loren needs to share a game-changing secret with April.

Episode 7

Where's The Ex-it?

Loren reveals a secret she's been keeping from April. Plus, Alex and Caroline's photo shoot is cut short when she's rushed to the hospital.

Episode 8

Ex-caping With My Ex

De'Andre goes MIA after Elodie's surgery, and a girls' night out with Jenn and Danielle ends in a fight. Things heat up with April and Roy in the hot tub.

Episode 9

Let Me Ex-plain

Alex and Caroline quickly learn how hard parenthood can be on a relationship. And an unexpected DM makes Elodie suspect De'Andre has been cheating.

Episode 10

In-ex-cusable Behavior

Elodie's family interrogates De'Andre. April asks John to sign divorce papers, and Steve meets baby Bowen and brings Caroline an unwanted gift.

Episode 11

An Existential Crisis

Chelsea flakes on the biggest day of Matt's life to date. Plus, De'Andre and Elodie try to reunite in the aftermath of the meeting with her family.

Episode 12

The Ex-plosion

Alex and Caroline's Sip & See turns into a Sip 'n' Tsunami! Roy and April have unfinished business, and Chelsea confronts Matt with her truth.

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