Episode 1

My Ex And My Next

Jerry's new girlfriend moves into the house he shares with his ex-wife. Lisa isn't over her divorce. Caroline's gay best friend is now her boyfriend.

Episode 2

Ex-Door Neighbors

April surprises her husband by getting a matching tattoo with her ex. Kayee's lack of contributions around the house frustrates Jerry's ex.

Episode 3

Ex-plain Yourself

Jerry must pick sides on a family ski trip. Jennifer and her wife decide Jennifer's ex should be their baby's sperm donor. Plus, Alex shocks his sister.

Episode 4

Ex-cess Baggage

Old wounds lead to a giant fight on Jimmy and Lisa's RV trip. Josh questions his role in the baby's life as Jennifer and Chantel try for pregnancy.

Episode 5

Ex-tremely Close

Kayee and Jerry escape to his cabin, where Kayee plans a memorable evening. Things intensify between Lisa and Jimmy during a game of truth or dare.

Episode 6

Ex-pect The Unexpected

Facing the harsh reality of Jerry's bond with his ex-wife, Kayee gives him an ultimatum. April asks her husband's ex-wife to be her maid-of-honour.

Episode 7

Hot Mess Ex-press

Jerry begs for one last chance when Kayee threatens to leave. Lisa is ready to reveal a big secret. Alex closes a chapter with his ex-boyfriend.

Episode 8

Ex-posing The Truth

Lisa's secret may change her relationship with her ex. Alex plans to ask Caroline a big question. April wrestles with emotions brought on by her ex.

Episode 9

An Ex-plosive Ending

Josh faces questions about what baby Camila will call him. Alex and Caroline's engagement shocks Caroline's mum. It's April and John's wedding day.

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