Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

This Is How A Dude Does It

Bill and Will spend quality guy time together preparing for the Pinewood Derby. Meanwhile, Zoey is feeling unwell so her and Jen enjoy an at-home spa day.

Episode 4

I'm A Real Pirate!

It's Will's 9th birthday and the anniversary of his adoption, so Bill and Jen throw him a pirate-themed party. Plus, the Klein's head to the Grand Prix races.

Episode 5


Jen's birthday is fast approaching, so Bill recruits the kids to help plan a surprise party. Zoey and Will make her homemade gifts and Jen visits her childhood home.

Episode 6

We Part-Tay!

Bill and Jen take the kids to a festival celebrating Holi so Zoey can learn more about her culture. Then, after enjoying a family boat ride, they decide to buy...

Episode 7

The "Scare" Boat

Bill and Jen take the kids sailing, Will loves it but Zoey isn't so keen. Plus, Will invites his friends over and Jen has a guest spot on a local...

Episode 8


Bill and Jen celebrate their 11-year anniversary, and to make it extra special, he has a few surprises for her. Plus, an injury hinders Zoey's dance recital practice.

Episode 9

It's Definitely Gator Water

Bill surprises the family with a camping trip, but Jen wants to stay in a van! They encounter alligators, poisonous plants and knives on the adventure!

Episode 10

Episode 10

Bill and Jen are a typical couple - except they're both under four feet tall, and so are their children. How do they navigate the ups and downs of daily...

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