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The Waldrops got the shock of a lifetime with the arrival of sextuplets! Since their family of five was bumped up to 11, life just got a lot more hectic.


Episode 1

A Six-Ring Circus

As the Waldrop family prepares to celebrate Halloween, the sextuplets get an early start on the chaotic "terrible twos." And, the babies get their first haircut!

Episode 2

Karate Kids

Courtney and Eric start the babies in preschool to help with their development but worry about leaving them. Meanwhile, the older boys try karate.

Episode 3

Time For Time Outs

Courtney and Eric start disciplining the sextuplets. The big boys are treated to a fun getaway and the family gets shocking news about their new mobile home.

Episode 4

Toddlers And Turkeys

Courtney and the babies rush to Kayleigh's wedding. The family moves into a mobile home during construction - right before cooking a big Thanksgiving feast.

Episode 5

30,000 Dirty Diapers

The Waldrops feel cramped in their mobile home as building starts on their house. And, Courtney wants to combine nine birthdays and potty-train six toddlers!

Episode 6

Mobile Home For The Holidays

This Christmas, the Waldrops are going stir-crazy inside the mobile home walls! Plus, Courtney opens up about her postpartum hair loss.

Episode 7

Tumbles And Tornadoes

The Waldrops must evacuate the mobile home when a tornado touches down nearby. And, the babies compete in the First Annual Waldrop Sixtathlon.

Episode 8

Six Little Dates

Courtney and Eric take the babies on individual dates, revealing each baby's unique personality. And, a shock leaves the family's future uncertain.

Episode 9

Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus has hit the Waldrops hard. School and sports are on hold, and Courtney's parents can no longer provide much-needed help during the day.

Episode 10

Survival Mode

After years of renovations, the Waldrops can finally move into their new house! Plus, Courtney and Eric decide to send the sextuplets to a speech pathologist.

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