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The art of buying and selling is high stakes in the world of Hamptons real estate. Can the Nest Seekers Team find success in America’s most-exclusive housing market?


Episode 1

The Heat is On

It's summer in the Hamptons which means sun, fun and high stakes real estate. The brokers at Nest Seekers face fierce competition from their own teammates.

Episode 2

Home Turf

More new faces join the Nest Seekers team. Then, the competition for the Glass House gets heated when one broker tries to move in on a colleague's client.

Episode 3

The Showcase Showdown

Nest Seekers host a multi-day tour in hopes of starting an annual event. Meanwhile, JB confronts Kenny about touring the Sandcastle behind his back.

Episode 4

Tough Love

Michael pressures JB for an answer on which agent will win the glass house deal. Mia receives some tough love to up her game. Michael is haunted by a past...

Episode 5

Business Is Business

Peggy gears up for an open house and the largest commission of her career. Meanwhile, Mia's efforts pay off as she makes a name for herself in the Hamptons.

Episode 6

Peggy Has Receipts

JB must impress a client's daughter to land a $20 million opportunity. Meanwhile, Bianca tries to hold the team together while working on a listing with a friend.

Episode 7

Million-Dollar Payday

Peggy and Kenny have a heart-to-heart about their referral conflict, while Mia and Bianca deal with a demanding client for a record-breaking rental.

Episode 8

Roses and Thorns

Peggy tries to stand her ground on how she is handling the Duck Pond listing. Plus, Michael hustles to find a new property for his biggest client ever.

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