About The Show

Scientist Rob Nelson investigates the world’s strangest underground locations. He uses the latest technology and research to examine these mysteries.


Episode 1

American Stonehenge

Rob Nelson investigates the mysterious rocks at the bottom of Lake Michigan known as Underwater Stonehenge. Plus, the search for escape tunnels in Alcatraz.

Episode 2

Mystery Of The Serpent Mound

Rob Nelson investigates mysterious tunnels under Denver's airport. Plus, in Ohio he tries to uncover the secrets of a giant serpent-shaped mound.

Episode 3

Capone's Escape Tunnels

Rob Nelson investigates rumours of secret underground escape route used by infamous gangster Al Capone. Plus, mysterious earthen mounds in Washington State.

Episode 4

America's Buried Massacre

Rob Nelson hunts for a mass grave that could expose a dark secret. Plus, a giant lake is mysteriously disappearing and Rob set off to find out why.

Episode 5

Rocky Mountain Monsters

Rob examines bizarre markings that suggest a violent clash between prehistoric beasts. In California, he explores if a strange lake is a home to alien life.

Episode 6

California's Hidden Doomsday

Rob heads to California to investigate a network for major fault lines that could set off a mega-quake. Plus, he explores a mysterious sinkhole.

Episode 7

Secret History of the New World

Rob Nelson investigates a cluster of ancient ruins in New England that suggest Europeans arrived in the Americas almost 1,000 years before Columbus.

Episode 8

Great Lakes Bermuda Triangle

Rob Nelson heads to Lake Michigan to investigate an unexplained, Bermuda Triangle-like phenomenon that has caused ships to disappear for centuries.

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