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16th December


About The Show

Victoria has always settled for dresses simply because they fit. Plus, Veronica bought her dress even though she was unable to try it on.


Coming Soon

Episode 1

Queen for a Day

'Queen' Esther Brandon, the winner of Miss Plus America 2010, visits the salon. Plus, Crystal is looking for a dress where Audrey Hepburn meets Joan Jett.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Man Vs. Bride

Mandy catches the eye of designer Henry Roth, who is determined to find her the right gown. Plus, Luna brings her wedding planner, James, to the fitting.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Sherri is a former cheerleader shopping with a boisterous entourage. Jill hasn't seen her gown in five months and is thrilled when the gown zips.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Never Settle for Second Best

After rejecting 10 dresses, it's on director of sales Joan to pull something out of the bag for Holly. Danitra wants a black and white wedding dress.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Mom Knows Best?

As a plus-sized bride, Vicky finds it tough enough to find a well-fitting dress. But shopping with an opinionated mum makes the whole process even more difficult.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

The People Closest to You...

Cari is using her appointment as a time to bond with her long-lost half-sister. And Romance wants a gown that will dazzle her fiancé, Steve.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Girls, Girls, Girls

Sam's goal is to find a gown that she loves, and one that her sorority sisters will agree on. Jeannine is worried her friend Stephanie may have a panic attack.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Obsessed with the Dress

Megan has been obsessed with being Cinderella and getting married at Disney. Victoria has lost sleep over whether she's made the right dress purchase.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

The Dis-Comfort Zone

Plus-size opera singer Amanda has come to the store to find a diva dress. Karalee purchased a dress that pushed her outside of her comfort zone.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

The Mom Factor

Morgan describes her mother as the most opinionated person, and hopes to get her final approval. Plus, Jennifer is 'heartbroken' at her fitting.

Dec 16


Episode 11

Does Size Matter?

Camille and Randy face the challenge of finding Katy a dress that will both fit and flatter. Plus, with a 46G chest, voluptuous bride Niema visits alterations.

Dec 16


Episode 12

The Power of the Dress

Zaneta wants a sexy, flirty dress that embraces her curves - just like she does. It's a bittersweet moment for Rheagan when she arrives at her dress fitting.

Dec 17


Episode 13

Big Bridal Bumps in the Road

Heather's wedding is taking place on The Love Boat and her dress needs to include feathers. Plus, Marissa encounters a challenge during her fitting.

Dec 17


Episode 14

The Vision in Your Head

Ever since Justine was a little girl, she has envisioned walking down the aisle in a gown with a detachable shirt. Can she transform her dream into reality?

Dec 18


Episode 15

To Mom With Love

Jennelle is not used to being the centre of attention. Meanwhile, Lizzie has returned to the store for her fitting with a less supportive mom in tow.

Dec 18


Episode 16

Fighting for the Bride

Jessica lost weight and is excited to try on dresses to flaunt her new figure. Meanwhile, Jennifer decides her $11,000 dress needs some major work.

Dec 19


Episode 17

Family Feud

Linda is determined to find a wedding dress that tops her sister's. Meanwhile, a special visitor (Henry Roth) stops by for Mandi's fitting.

Dec 19


Episode 18

Fulfilling the Fantasy

Lindsey is looking for the dresses of all dresses. Katie is having a Batman villain themed wedding and needs a dress in the style of her favourite character.