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Dean Poulton and Borja de Maqua renovate a magnificent English estate that dates back 500 years. Can the couple bring the medieval 65-room building back to life?


Episode 3

Long Cold Shower

The manor's outdoor bathrooms are collapsing and need extensive renovation. Dean and Borja plan to transform the rotting facilities into an upmarket garden spa.

Episode 4

Judge A Book By Its Cover

Dean and Borja want to convert the stable's hayloft into a palatial one-bedroom apartment, which will create much needed rental income.

Episode 5

Spirit In The Stables

To welcome guests for the coming season, Dean and Borja look to spruce up and complete the finishing touches on the servant's cottage facade.

Episode 6

Bedside Manor

Restoring the 300-year-old hayloft has become a royal pain in the neck, but Dean and Borja push through to create a stunning new bedroom and bathroom suite.

Episode 7

Courtyard Jester

To turn the scruffy servants' courtyard into an event space for their guests, Dean and Borja plan to transform an old outbuilding into a bar with a water feature.

Episode 8

Final Key In The Lock

Dean and Borja race to finish the final space in the stable's hayloft apartment. Every detail must be perfect to reopen the Manor for paying guests.

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