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Machines have become part of the very fabric of modern society and infrastructure. These extraordinary machines are the most advanced of their kind.


Episode 1

Flying Ship

Soaring on a cushion of air just above the waves, the flying ship is a pioneering prototype. From its hull to its wings, how did this feat of engineering evolve?

Episode 2

Super Bike

The super bike is the ultimate feat of two-wheeled engineering. From the super light-weight engine to a clutch-less gearbox, how have these racing bikes evolved?

Episode 3

Super Plane

Big enough to engulf other aircraft, the Antonov 124 is the largest production cargo plane on earth. Breaking down its parts, what are its technological secrets?

Episode 4

Bullet Train

The Bullet Train takes a million people through Japan each day, reaching speeds of 180mph. From its aerodynamic design to its ingenious brakes, what keeps it on track?

Episode 5


The world's most advanced passenger hovercraft plies Britain's busiest waterways. Twice as fast as a conventional ferry, how has this machine evolved?

Episode 6

Arctic Ice Breaker

The Louis S. St Laurent is the Canadian Coast Guard's most advanced icebreaker ship. What are the technological secrets of this 500 million-dollar battering ram?

Episode 7

Freight Train

One of the longest and heaviest freight trains in North America, the EMD SD70 A. C. E. consists of 240 cars and can pull the weight of 30 Statues of...

Episode 8

Road Train

The Mack Super-Liner is the most powerful truck in the world. With a 685-horsepower engine, designed to pull three 9-metre trailers, what are its engineering secrets?

Episode 9

Rescue Helicopter

Ready to spring into action at a moment's notice, this high-tech helicopter has jet engines with the power of five Formula 1 cars. How did this machine evolve?

Episode 10


Gothenburg, Sweden is home to Helix, the world's most technologically advanced 'super-coaster'. How has it evolved to deliver more thrills per second than any other?

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