About The Show

This is the ultimate test of survival of the fittest. What happens when you put a man and a woman without clothes in one of the most remote areas of the world?


Episode 1

It's Not For Everyone

Ten survivalists are thrown into the bleak Colombian savanna. Extreme heat threatens the teams, with one pair struggling to make it to a water source.

Episode 2

Hell On Earth

The survivalists wonder if the psychological challenges of the Colombian savanna are more difficult than the physical. Tony is shaken by horrible nightmares.

Episode 3

The Psychological Challenge

The teams begin feeling the effects of malnourishment after four days in the savanna. Two competitors make a drastic decision about the challenge.

Episode 4

The Flood

Heavy storms put the survivalists' shelter-building talent and intense situational skills to the ultimate test. Léti barely eats or sleeps due to the extreme cold.

Episode 5

Change To Survive

Léti, Érika and Itamar face a difficult challenge without energy or harmony in the group. Gi and Joedson play their last cards before they run out of energy.

Episode 6

New Beginnings

After a dangerous hike, an encounter surprises everyone and changes the dynamics of the challenge. Rene struggles to lead and feed her group.

Episode 7

So Close Yet So Far

Extremely weak, the participants get to the final stage of the challenge. The journey to the extraction point is long and plagued by difficulties.

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