Episode 1

Cyprus - Part 1

Tonia visits a goat farm to help milk some lively goats and to see how traditional halloumi cheese is made on the island of Cyprus.

Episode 2

Mykonos - Part 1

Tonia visits the aptly titled Paradise Beach on Mykonos, where she cooks up red mullet parcels and baklava, a traditional, sweet Greek dessert.

Episode 3

Crete - Part 1

On Crete, Tonia ventures into the Diketon Cave to discover the legend of Zeus, and cooks up Cretan pork with aubergines, bay leaves and cumin seeds.

Episode 4


Tonia visits the old town of Rhodes, discovering its traditional trades and crafts plus cooking up a delicious feast of Afelia braised pork.

Episode 5


On the island of Naxos, famous for its beaches and excellent local cuisine, Tonia picks vine leaves, a staple of the famous Greek dish, dolmades.

Episode 6


Tonia visits a tomato farm in Santorini for ingredients to make delicious tomato fritters, plus she also creates a traditional Greek moussaka.

Episode 7

Cyprus - Part 2

In Cyprus, Tonia sets out on a fishing trip with her dad to catch local octopus, which she then turns into a delicious octopus and red-wine stew.

Episode 8


Tonia visits Greece's capital Athens where she cooks avgolemono soup - a filling chicken and rice dish - and souvlaki, the Greeks' favourite fast food

Episode 9

Kefalonia - Part 1

In Kefalonia, the home of Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Tonia cooks traditional meze - a selection of small dishes served with the Greek drink, ouzo.

Episode 10


In central mainland Greece lies the mountainous region of Pelion, where Tonia cooks stifado, a delicious stew, and rizogalo, Greek rice pudding.

Episode 11


Tonia visits Corfu where she puts together a couple of traditional Greek salads and makes pastitsio, a layered dish with macaroni and minced beef.

Episode 12

Crete - Part 2

While exploring Crete, Tonia cooks one of her favourite dishes, oregano roast chicken, and sarikopites, a dessert made with soft Cretan cheese.

Episode 13


Vibrant Thessaloniki is Greece's second city. Here, Tonia makes stuffed peppers and learns to play some traditional Greek instruments.

Episode 14

Mykonos - Part 2

Tonia visits a traditional taverna on the island of Mykonos and cooks up psari plaki, a baked fish dish cooked in retsina with tomatoes and onions.

Episode 15

Kefalonia - Part 2

The largest Ionian island is Kefalonia. Here, Tonia serves up Kefalonian fish and loukamades, doughnuts drizzled with honey and cinnamon.

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