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About The Show

People share their journeys of living with excess skin after extreme weight loss, as they undergo full-body transformations through skin removal surgery.


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Episode 1

Julie N. And Andrew

Julie lost 178lbs, but with her excess skin she recoils from even her kids' touch. Andrew shed 300lbs but his loose skin is killing his body-building dream.

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Episode 2

Megan & Ashley

Megan lost 245-lbs after being bullied in school but is tormented by her loose skin. Ashley once weighed 400-lbs but losing 220-lbs left her with painful excess skin.

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Episode 3

Holly & Mark

Holly lost 200-lbs after a life of abuse, but fears loose skin will ruin her wedding. Mark lost 254-lbs but a health scare may affect his upcoming skin removal surgery.

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Episode 4

Brenda & Mellisa M.

Brenda lost 260-lbs, but her excess skin jeopardises her marriage. And the loose skin from Mellisa's 180-lb weight loss affects her relationship with her kids.

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Episode 5

Jenae & Julie

After her husband died, Jenae reached 512-lbs, but her excess skin hides her dramatic weight loss. Julie lost 191-lbs, but her loose skin reminds her of her obesity.

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Episode 6

Kylie & Anna

Kylie hit 321-lbs by age 18, but weight loss surgery almost killed her and left her with excess skin. Anna lost 250-lbs, but her extra skin has hit her career...

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Episode 7

Sarah & Roger

Sarah comfort-ate during her damaging childhood, but her 220-lb weight loss left her with painful sagging skin. Roger's 300-lb weight loss left him feeling restricted.

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Episode 8

Annette & Calisto

Annette became addicted to junk food while her siblings did drugs and she hit 650-lb. And Calisto hit 450-lb after an illness. Their loose skin causes them misery.

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Episode 9

Mary & Lora

Mary lost 161lb and hopes skin removal will help rid her of painful memories. Lora gained and lost wait after an accident and is left with stretched and scarred skin.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Melissa I., Jessica & Matt

Jessica and Melissa are left with excess skin after growing up morbidly obese. And, after losing weight Matt's extra skin is keeping him from living life.

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Episode 11

Where Are They Now?

Follows seven of season one's most compelling characters as they begin new journeys with transformed bodies. How have they adapted to their new lives?

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Episode 12

Where Are They Now? Part 1

Follows the progress of six of the second season's favourite characters, after their skin surgery. How have they weathered the highs and lows?

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Episode 13

Where Are They Now? Part 2

Mary, Mark, Ashley, Jenae, Annette and Julie had huge amounts of excess skin removed. This is a look back at their weight loss journey.