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People share their journeys of living with excess skin after extreme weight loss, as they undergo full-body transformations through skin removal surgery.


Episode 1

Stephanie, Darcy, & BJ

Stephanie and her mum Darcy lost a combined weight of 320lbs. BJ overcame drug and food addiction to lose 350lbs and his body is now covered with excess skin.

Episode 2

Antonia & Natasha

Antonia took control of her battle with food addiction to lose 190lbs, but the extra skin is keeping her from feeling confident and sexy.

Episode 3

Angel & Linda

Linda hopes skin removal surgery will give her self-esteem to be a role model to her daughters. Angel hates her extra skin because it's turning her into an introvert.

Episode 4

Shantel & Hope

Shantel must get rid of her excess skin if she's to set a positive example for her daughter. Hope's obsession with weight loss could affect her chances of surgery.

Episode 5

Melanie & Lauren

After losing 350lbs, Melanie wants to start dating but her excess skin is holding her back. Lauren's extra skin is stopping her from living a normal life.

Episode 6

Mikki & Denise

After losing 275lbs, Mikki was left with a lot of sagging skin. Plus, Denise's excess skin hinders her to be at peace. Will they be approved for skin removal surgery?

Episode 7

Sal & Rebecca

Rebecca lost weight to be more active with her young son but she's now trapped in her excess skin. Sal fears he'll never become a dad with all his extra...

Episode 8

Autumn & Cody

Autumn's excess skin is holding her back from making up for lost time with her son. Cody is tired of pretending to be happy after losing hundreds of pounds.

Episode 9

Ronnie, Michael, & Renee

For Ronnie and Michael, their excess skin is restricting their dreams as a couple. Plus, at 64, Renee is unable to express her true self in public.

Episode 10

Tamika & Emily, Jose

Tamika has finally found a partner she's happy with but feels uncomfortable with her excess skin. Plus, Emily blames herself for her son's weight gain.

Episode 11

Marranda & Jannet

After being a victim of a horrible crime, Marranda found solace in food. Plus, Jannet's excess skin is keeping her from meeting a life partner.

Episode 12

Rafael & Anna

After losing 500lbs, Rafael's excess skin still has a massive impact on his life and progress. Plus, single mother Anna struggles with her low self-esteem.

Episode 13

Carlynda & Karen

Carlynda needs two knee replacements but she needs to lose her excess skin first. Newlywed Karen is ready to start a family but her extra skin is in her way.

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