Episode 1

Lowrider Lowdown

Mike learns about lowriders in East LA. He gets some experience with hydraulics and pinstriping and cruises down Whittier Boulevard with the Lifestyle Car Club.

Episode 2

A Pint In The Hand

All Mike wants is a nice cold pint, and he's willing to pick grapes, become an expert on coil spring manufacturing, or even brew the beer himself to get one.

Episode 3

Top Fuel Duel

Mike visits NHRA Top Fuel champion Antron Brown. Antron shows him around the huge Don Schumacher Racing shop, but Mike has an ulterior motive for his trip: revenge.

Episode 4

Chicago And The Tin Man

Mike is in Chicago, home of one of the US' foremost coachbuilders, Brian Limberg. Brian keeps this bygone artform alive, building car bodies from scratch.

Episode 5

Model T To Mustangs

Mike tours Detroit to learn about automotive history, from the birthplace of the legendary Model T to a junkyard where wrecked cars find new life.

Episode 6

Stock Car Resurrection

Mike travels to North Carolina, where bootleggers played a role in NASCAR's creation. He visits Bill Rhine, whose shop rescues and restores famous stock cars.

Episode 7

High Sierra Salvage

Renowned customizer Aaron Hagar teaches Mike that Lake Tahoe in California is the kind of place where rat rods co-exist with vintage European sports cars.

Episode 8

Loud And Lifted In Houston

Mike travels to Houston to meet a family who are experts in mud bogging, a motorsport that has to be seen to be believed. He also drives a monster truck.

Episode 9

The King Of Customs

Mike meets an award-winning hot rodder, the legendary Gene Winfield. He's run his own creations on the salt flats and dry lake beds where hot rodding began.

Episode 10

EV The Silent Killer

Mike looks at classic cars' future in a world with more electric cars. He heads to EV West, which puts electric motors into everything from Porsches to VW vans.

Episode 11

Mini And Me

Mike wonders if an old car loses its soul if the engine or body is replaced. He returns to England to visit a company making components for classic British cars.

Episode 12

The Shop Around The Corner

Mike heads to the Midlands in England to visit two small shops that are helping keep classic cars on the road, producing small but essential components.

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