Episode 1

Family Lies

It's the start of hunting season and wardens investigate the illegal shooting of two deer. Then, they swap out bass fish in the Bois d'Arc Lake.

Episode 2

Thrill Of The Hunt

A confrontation ensues when wardens respond to a call about an illegal deer hunting case. A pair of raccoons find their way to a gas station and must be trapped.

Episode 3

Reckless Behavior

Wardens Gould and Scott respond to a call about deer carcasses that have been illegally dumped on private property. And, stray bullets hit a horse owner's home.

Episode 4

Anglers, Alcohol And Owls

Warden Bailey responds to a call about underage drinkers holding a fishing tournament. And, warden Hensz handles an aggressive family of owls.

Episode 5

Confessions Of A Poacher

A suspected poacher is confronted for illegally hunting ducks and geese. Plus, wardens arrest a man who has confessed to poaching a deer.

Episode 6

Caught By Surprise

A warden is on a mission to arrest out-of-state hunters with warrants for trespassing and hunting on private property. Plus, a young angler is taken to jail.

Episode 7

Tempers Are Rising

Warden Boone is on a mission to arrest a trio of armed robbers on the run. And, warden Inman investigates a group of suspected deer hunters for trespassing.

Episode 8

Chasing A Dead Man

Wardens Herchman and Stapleton join forces to track down a man who has faked his own death. And, a jet skier's life is spared after an explosion.

Episode 9

Suspicious Encounters

A routine check for a fishing license takes an unexpected turn. Wardens search for illicit hunters, and zebra mussels are found on a boat.

Episode 10

Wake Of Destruction

Wardens Mitchell and Lindsey intervene when an overloaded boat and unruly jet skiers put lives at risk. Plus, wardens round up a wily alligator.

Episode 11

Marshland Massacre

Game Wardens Boone and Iles rescue a tangled 12-foot alligator. Meanwhile, a large number of poached birds are found on an abandoned boat.

Episode 12

Garage Gator

Game Warden Mike Boone teams up with local police to search for armed suspects after a robbery. Plus, a family are investigated for illegally keeping a pet deer.

Episode 13

Episode 13

Game Warden Randolph McGee assesses a major gasoline spill in the local water system. And, Mike Boone helps relocate an alligator circling a dock.

Episode 14

Episode 14

On Sam Rayburn Lake, Game Wardens Morgan Inman and Austin Cryer rush to help the passengers of a sunken boat. And, alligators are found on school property.

Episode 15

Lake Showdown

When a drunken man wreaks havoc on a lake, the wardens must deal with the aftermath. Warden Mike Boone tracks down the culprits responsible for an illegal dumpsite.

Episode 16

Sparking Disaster

During wildfire season, warden Dustin Delgado catches people throwing lit cigarettes. Warden Cynde Aguilar helps hunt down the criminal of a high-speed chase.

Episode 17

Actions Have Consequences

A warden arrives at a domestic dispute to discover a participant is wanted by the law. A couple with their baby are caught kayaking without life jackets.

Episode 18

Bracing For Impact

On the Gulf of Mexico, a routine inspection turns treacherous for Carmen Rickel and the Marine Tactical Operations Group. Kyle Hendley wrangles a rattlesnake.

Episode 19

Caught In The Crossfire

Stray bullets strike an elderly couple's home and their neighbours are questioned. Wardens Raj Ataya and Clint Caywood rush to help an injured boater.

Episode 20

Guns And Meth

During a routine hunting licence check, Game Wardens Ben and Chelsea discover illegal drugs. And, trespassers get caught in a dangerous restricted area.

Episode 21

Wild Riders

Game Wardens race to confront reckless jet skiers wreaking havoc at a boat ramp. Plus, a crabber turns hostile when caught without a fishing licence.

Episode 22

No License To Kill

Foolhardy speedsters run afoul of wardens on a night-time stakeout mission. Game Warden Mike investigates reckless gunfire endangering life and property.

Episode 23

Hunter Games

Wardens question a felon suspected of illegally hunting with a firearm. Meanwhile, a late-night shrimp boat search uncovers illegal fish.

Episode 24

Blood Evidence

Wardens question a group of hunters suspected of trespassing and theft. Meanwhile, lifeless ducks are found floating in Port Aransas.

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