Episode 3

Wet And Wild

It's a busy weekend in Texas. The Game Wardens deal with thousands of festival-goers on the San Marcos River and a patrol on Lake Texoma leads to multiple arrests.

Episode 4

Crash Course

In Galveston County, a game warden needs to find a home for an alligator. Plus, in Hunt County the wardens investigate a family's property damaged by bullets.

Episode 5

Back Road Bait

It's snapper season on the Gulf and the wardens are busy with fishermen who are breaking the law. Plus, two men are investigated for cruelty towards a pig.

Episode 6


In southwest Texas, game wardens struggle to catch a deer before it hurts itself. Then, wardens investigate a call about a man impersonating them.

Episode 7

High Desert Drama

In Hunt County, wardens investigate rumours of wolves being kept as pets. Plus, turtles are released back into the sea and there are reports of donkeys being shot.

Episode 8

Fawn Stars

In Liberty County, the death of a deer is investigated. Fawns in Harris County are being illegally kept as pets. And, a suspicious car is stopped in Red River County.

Episode 9

Poachers Beware

A deer poacher is busted, a baby rattlesnake is rescued, a hummingbird evades capture, and a raccoon is released back into the wild.

Episode 10

Red Flag

An injured deer is found hiding in a shed after being attacked. While pulling over a suspicious vehicle, the Game Wardens notice the driver hiding something under his seat.

Episode 12

Saving The Herd

Game Warden Eddins assists the local police with an animal cruelty case. Plus, Richards responds to a trespassing dispute and Roraback relocates a snapping turtle.

Episode 13

Stray Bullets

Gerry investigates a situation involving stray bullets while checking teal hunters along the border fence. Plus, turtle hatchlings are released on South Padre Island.

Episode 14

Back In The Wild

Game Warden Benge returns after a life-threatening injury. Along the coast, fishermen get caught with too many sharks and a protected turtle gets relocated.

Episode 15

Bucks And Bow

Boone receives an anonymous tip about a hunter who illegally shot a deer. Plus, McGee questions a man for being in possession of venomous copperhead snakes.

Episode 16

Owl Gone Bad

It's the start of deer and oyster season in Texas. Game Wardens Chelsea and Ben come across a young crew with a large number of oysters and an owl is...

Episode 17

Wildcat Garage

Game Wardens find a bobcat a new home and investigate an illegally killed deer. Plus, Wardens Ben and Chelsea are checking out commercial oyster boats.

Episode 18

Panhandle Poachers

Warden Marshall leads a poaching investigation. Plus, Richards visits an illegal snake breeder and Gould and Hickerson try to save an injured pelican.