Episode 1

Evil Eye

When Dr. Brian Stidham is found dead in a parking lot, detective Jill Isely creates a timeline of events. Was this a carjacking gone wrong, or something more wicked?

Episode 2

Poker Faced Killer

Thomas Clayton comes home from a poker game to find his wife Kelley murdered. But, when his daughter describes the attacker, he becomes a suspect.

Episode 3

Sleep No More

A couple is savagely attacked while sleeping at home and only the wife survives. Is her son a ruthless killer or were the family's mafia connections to blame?

Episode 4

The Bodies In The River

When a body is found floating in a New Orleans canal, the detective has no leads. But, a second body surfaces with a kettle bell that may solve the mystery.

Episode 5

Mommy's Not Moving

When a mother is found brutally murdered, her community was left terrified. A criminal provides the detectives with a tip off that leads to a sinister discovery.

Episode 6

Keep Your Friends Close

A woman returns home to find her husband lying in a pool of his own blood. Police believed it was an accident until they noticed his car was missing.

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