Episode 1

Comfortable Crafty Dining

Tom and Leana married and bought their first home. But the drama began when Tom attempted home improvement and Leana's indecisiveness became an obstacle.

Episode 2

Arrested Redevelopment

Jeannette and Dagoberto have a potentially beautiful home. He is a police officer and Jeannette thinks that his home-improvement efforts should be a felony.

Episode 3

Now and Zen

Kay is a widowed mom of three whose house is unsuitable for family gatherings. She is in for a surprise as the team rolls in to bring this family back...

Episode 4

Stage, Right?

Andy and Derek purchased a house but Andy's 17-year-old cousin, who came to stay, has to live in the unfinished garage. The team shows up to fix it.

Episode 5

Jewelled Retreat

Danny and Lorna moved into their new house a year ago. Danny was planning to create an oasis but hasn't succeeded. Can the "In a Fix Team" help?

Episode 6

Family Fun Room

Marlen wants to redesign the family room, but her husband claims to be too busy to help. Can the "In a Fix Team" help?

Episode 7

New Beginnings

Andrew and Melissa purchased Andrew's childhood home three years ago. The team scrambles to transform it into a place where the couple can begin their lives together.

Episode 8

Ye Olde Cellar

When Karen and Bruce bought their house, Bruce wanted to create a game room to entertain. Five years later and it still isn't finished - can the In the Fix...

Episode 9

Martial Awe

John is a busy husband who works two jobs. Wife Sandra wants to help him fix up their garage and asks the "In a Fix Team" for extra support.

Episode 10

Home is Where the Hearth is

The team selects a home repair project that has gone shockingly wrong and then fixes it, as well as giving the owner's spouse a makeover.

Episode 11

Sound of Light

Greg and Martez moved into their home nearly twenty years ago. They added a second story all by themselves, but there is much more work to do. Can the team...

Episode 12

Landscape O' Love

Brian proposed to Maria less than a year ago. They purchased a fixer-upper home that they've been working on ever since. Can the team finally finish the project?

Episode 13

Distinctive Dining Room

Kevin tried to fix a creak in his bedroom floor and ripped out the ceiling to secure the floorboards. Years later, the creak is louder. Can the team help?