Episode 1

Comfortable Crafty Dining

Tom and Leana married and bought their first home. But the drama began when Tom attempted home improvement and Leana's indecisiveness became an obstacle.

Episode 2

Arrested Redevelopment

Jeannette and Dagoberto have a potentially beautiful home. He is a police officer and Jeannette thinks that his home-improvement efforts should be a felony.

Episode 3

Now and Zen

Kay is a widowed mom of three whose house is unsuitable for family gatherings. She is in for a surprise as the team rolls in to bring this family back...

Episode 4

Stage, Right?

Andy and Derek purchased a house but Andy's 17-year-old cousin, who came to stay, has to live in the unfinished garage. The team shows up to fix it.

Episode 5

Jewelled Retreat

Danny and Lorna moved into their new house a year ago. Danny was planning to create an oasis but hasn't succeeded. Can the "In a Fix Team" help?

Episode 6

Family Fun Room

Marlen wants to redesign the family room, but her husband claims to be too busy to help. Can the "In a Fix Team" help?

Episode 7

New Beginnings

Andrew and Melissa purchased Andrew's childhood home three years ago. The team scrambles to transform it into a place where the couple can begin their lives together.

Episode 8

Ye Olde Cellar

When Karen and Bruce bought their house, Bruce wanted to create a game room to entertain. Five years later and it still isn't finished - can the In the Fix...

Episode 9

Martial Awe

John is a busy husband who works two jobs. Wife Sandra wants to help him fix up their garage and asks the "In a Fix Team" for extra support.

Episode 10

Home is Where the Hearth is

The team selects a home repair project that has gone shockingly wrong and then fixes it, as well as giving the owner's spouse a makeover.

Episode 11

Sound of Light

Greg and Martez moved into their home nearly twenty years ago. They added a second story all by themselves, but there is much more work to do. Can the team...

Episode 12

Landscape O' Love

Brian proposed to Maria less than a year ago. They purchased a fixer-upper home that they've been working on ever since. Can the team finally finish the project?

Episode 13

Distinctive Dining Room

Kevin tried to fix a creak in his bedroom floor and ripped out the ceiling to secure the floorboards. Years later, the creak is louder. Can the team help?

Episode 14

Arabian Nights

Tina and Harvey moved into their first home five months ago. Harvey has been teaching himself home-improvement but found himself in do-it-yourself quicksand.

Episode 15

Building Something Out of Nothing

Everything Peter knows of DIY he knows from watching TV shows. His wife Eileen thinks that he lacks knowledge and called "In a Fix" for help.

Episode 16

Music Fusion

Gladys and Ralph are both musicians. After years of Ralph's failed attempts at home repair, Gladys called In a Fix to see if they could get him to put down...

Episode 17

Safe at Home

Michelle is a purchasing agent and an expectant mum who wants her house finished before her baby heads for home. The 'In a Fix' team will step up to the...

Episode 18

Morockin' Bedroom

Five years ago, Tom wanted to build a bedroom addition but never managed to do it. The In a Fix team shows up to help him finish this project.

Episode 19

Inside Outside

Steven is a carpenter who hasn't had the time to finish his dining room. His wife is sick of eating dinner in an unfinished room and called In A Fix...

Episode 20

Sunny Days/Restful Nights

Barbara works in the construction business and has been renovating her own home for the last 20 years. Can the In The Fix team finish what she has started?

Episode 21

Sausage and Peppers

Joe built an addition to his Victorian home one year ago but he has been so busy with work that he hasn't had time to finish it. In a Fix...

Episode 22

Urban Suburban Oasis

Dominique and Aeran are remodelling their suburban home, but their daily commute is putting a dent in the renovations. Can the In a Fix team speed things up?

Episode 23

Par Le Floor

A couple knocked down a wall between the current living room and the garage to make more space. The job has been left unfinished - can the In a Fix...

Episode 24

Beachfront Bash

A mother of four daughters is stuck in tight quarters, so she and her girls try to convert the garage into a room. Can the In The Fix team finish...

Episode 25

Aquaworld: A Sparky Story

Marc purchased his home in hopes of fixing it up himself but he's been so busy that he has had no time to achieve his dream. It's In a Fix...

Episode 26

Looney Rooms

Nancy is a working mum of two who has run out of time and money to complete their family room for her young girls. The 'In a Fix' team comes...

Episode 27

New Bohemian

Karl, a home improvement show addict, and Christa met, married, and managed to create a home improvement mess in under two years. The 'In A Fix' team is here to...

Episode 28

The Big One

The In A Fix crew combine their efforts to give homeowners Rick and Susan a safe haven for their new baby boy and transform an eyesore into a tropical treasure.

Episode 29

Glam Fam

Steve and Valerie recently purchased a house together after dating for four years. Steve started doing some work, but never finished. That's why Valerie called 'In a Fix'.

Episode 30

Swanky Suburban Lounge

When Raymond bought Maria's childhood home, she wanted the entire house be remodelled. He's accomplished much of the task except the eyesore of a garage.

Episode 31

Fine Art Vision

Jean Philippe and Beverly hastily bought their house without seeing it. The 'In a Fix" team is called in to turn this home into a modern art dream.

Episode 32

Access This

Richard decided to make a wheelchair-accessible space for his partner's grandmother but only got as far as tearing down a wall. The 'In a Fix' team comes to help out.

Episode 33

The Water Feature

As the Belfattos are too busy looking after their family to sort out their house, the 'In A Fix' team descends on their home to give the family more space.

Episode 34

The Waldorf School

Bad DIY projects sometimes happen to good people. The 'In A Fix" team rescue homeowners from improvement jobs that have gone shockingly wrong.

Episode 35

Three Sisters, a Baby and a Living Room

Bad DIY projects sometimes happen to good people. The 'In A Fix" team rescue homeowners from improvement jobs that have gone shockingly wrong.

Episode 36

A Perfect Proposal

Designer Nani comes to the aid of Mark, whose girlfriend refuses to move in with him until he has turned his disastrous den into a stylish entertainment centre.

Episode 37

Fit for a Family of Four

When William and Ann moved into their 'fixer-upper' they wanted a family home. But after running out of money, William is struggling to finish the project.

Episode 38

A Very, Very Long Engagement

Patrick and Tammy wanted to get married in their new house, once renovated. Four years later they're still engaged so Tammy calls the 'In A Fix' team.

Episode 39

Global Treasures

After James fell ill, he and Cynthia's home improvement plans were put on one side. The 'In a Fix' team comes to the couple's aid to complete the renovation.

Episode 40

Read 'Em and Weep

Bad DIY projects sometimes happen to good people. The 'In A Fix" team rescue homeowners from improvement jobs that have gone shockingly wrong.

Episode 41

Project Child

Lordes and Frank operate a charitable organisation for disabled children, but it has taken over their home. The design team intervene and help fix the problem.

Episode 42

The Sillyville Experiment

Lisa wants to turn an unused room into a space for her children to play in. Can the 'In a Fix' team create Lisa's dream room from this wasted space?

Episode 43

Plantinum Hammer

The 'In A Fix' team selects a home repair project that has gone terribly wrong and stages a dramatic 'intervention' on a home owner in desperate need of help.

Episode 44

Architectural Ambitions

Tana thought she'd poke a few holes in the walls of her newly bought home. The result is a room to room home improvement disaster and a frustrated husband.

Episode 45

Two, Four, Five

Joseph's over-ambitious renovations make his house unsafe and his family has to move out. The 'In a Fix' team must step in to finish what Joseph has started.

Episode 46

Rockin Retro

Zuriel, a musician, and Alyson, an aesthetician, have created a music jam room in their cottage, but the room still needs a lot of work. Can the team finish their...

Episode 47

Patio Schmatio

Jennifer was amazed when her husband managed to rebuild their fixer-upper home in less than a year. But when it came to the patio, Juan had no idea what he...

Episode 48

Desert Dreams

Lisa goes travelling and leaves a list of things for her brother to do to the house. But when she returns, Lisa wants the décor changed to match the place...

Episode 49

Under the Sea

When a children's educational programme outgrows its original space, Nani and the crew attempt to turn the area into a tropical, sea-themed wonderland.

Episode 50

Different Drummers Room, the Sequel

Marisol and Joe's relationship was on the rocks after Joe turned the sunroom into a storage area. Can the crew get the room back into shape?

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