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Stories of women who gave birth without realising they had conceived. Featuring dramatic reconstructions and interviews with those involved.


Episode 1

Baby at a Rest Stop

A cross-country move takes a major turn when a young wife, unaware that she is pregnant, discovers she's in labour at a deserted interstate rest area.

Episode 2

Baby and a Girdle

A woman struggles to lose her baby weight a year after giving birth. She only realises the real reason behind the extra pounds when she goes into labour.

Episode 3

Baby on a Bathmat

Five months after a miscarriage, Reesa collapses and goes into a coma. At the hospital, doctors discover she was carrying twins and only miscarried one foetus.

Episode 4

Baby in the Bowl

Alicia barely survives a harrowing car accident and then, just 18 months later, a surprising pregnancy threatens the life of her newborn named Miracle.

Episode 5

Baby in the Back Seat

Thinking she is having a miscarriage, Melissa is rushed to hospital, only realising she is in labour when her baby is born in the backseat of the car.

Episode 6

Baby by the Book

Jenna is not only surprised to discover that she is in labour, but is also shocked to learn that the hospital hasn't delivered a baby in fifteen years.

Episode 7

Baby in the Bath Water

Suffering from what she thought were menstrual cramps, Kaitlyn decides to have a hot bath, only to discover she is in labour whilst she is soaking.

Episode 8

Baby in My Sweatpants

Emily fears her appendix has burst and her mother rushes her to A&E. But before Emily can get out of the back seat, she feels something in her sweatpants.

Episode 9

Baby on the Job

After having five children, Dana's husband has a vasectomy. While at work, Dana has terrible stomach pains and is stunned to discover she is about to give birth.

Episode 10

Baby at the Mall

While working at the mall, Yanil suffers excruciating abdominal pain. She lies down in a stockroom but is shocked to discover a baby crowning between her legs.

Episode 11

Vasectomy Baby

Josie thinks she's menopausal, but she's actually in labour - will her daughter be safe? Plus, Monique gives birth in the bathroom and drives herself to hospital.

Episode 12

Baby in Flight?

Flight attendant Manon is slim, uses birth control, and has a regular period - and is also pregnant. Plus, Shona is shocked to give birth in her toilet.

Episode 13

Baby on the Bathroom Floor

Caitlin is celebrating her recent weight loss and has no idea that she is pregnant. She is stunned to find herself giving birth on her bathroom floor.

Episode 14

Baby In A 110-lb Body

Tom and Pat are planning their wedding when Pat is paralysed by cramps. She is amazed to hear she's in labour - will her baby be healthy?

Episode 15

Baby In An Ambulance

A woman experiences severe bleeding and discovers she is in labour. With the hospital 20 minutes away, the paramedic has to deliver the baby in the ambulance.

Episode 16

Twin Baby Surprise

When Jasmine misses her period, she thinks it's because she's ballooned to 350lbs. She's actually pregnant - will she deliver a healthy baby?

Episode 17

Baby On The Move

When high school student Lauren is raced to hospital with acute abdominal pains, doctors realise she is in labour. Will her baby boy be healthy?

Episode 18

Baby In The Kitchen

When Anna is woken by a sudden pain in her side, she is stunned to see a baby slide down her leg onto the floor. Will her new-born be healthy?

Episode 19

Baby In A Tornado

Kayla seeks medical help for abdominal pains and is told she is in labour and must be transferred to hospital. Can they beat a tornado to deliver her baby safely?

Episode 20

Baby Despite Birth Control

Renee goes to the hospital with extreme back pains thinking it's a kidney infection and is shocked to find out she's eight months pregnant.

Episode 21

Gas & Go Baby

Extreme pain and cramping forces Christie to leave work and head to A&E with her mother. But before they arrive, they make a shocking realisation.

Episode 22

A Holistic Delivery

After months of ailments, Yesica visits a holistic healer who discovers a baby's heartbeat. She rushes to the hospital where doctors find she's fully dilated.

Episode 23

Miracle Baby

Marisa has never had a period and doctors don't think she'll ever be able to have children. But when she is rushed to A&E, staff are shocked to find she's...

Episode 24

Contraception Patch Baby

Kara is in shock when she gives birth in the bathtub. Plus, Kristen has happily relied on the pill and is stunned to be told that she is in labour.

Episode 25

Breech Baby in the Bath Tub

When Nicole wakes one night with terrible cramps, she is horrified to discover she is in labour. Will she and her baby survive?

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