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About The Show

While working at the mall, Yanil suffers excruciating abdominal pain. She lies down in a stockroom but is shocked to discover a baby crowning between her legs.


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Episode 20

Baby Despite Birth Control

Renee goes to the hospital with extreme back pains thinking it's a kidney infection and is shocked to find out she's eight months pregnant.

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Episode 21

Gas & Go Baby

Extreme pain and cramping forces Christie to leave work and head to A&E with her mother. But before they arrive, they make a shocking realisation.

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Episode 22

A Holistic Delivery

After months of ailments, Yesica visits a holistic healer who discovers a baby's heartbeat. She rushes to the hospital where doctors find she's fully dilated.

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Episode 23

Miracle Baby

Marisa has never had a period and doctors don't think she'll ever be able to have children. But when she is rushed to A&E, staff are shocked to find she's...

Coming Soon

Episode 24

Contraception Patch Baby

Kara is in shock when she gives birth in the bathtub. Plus, Kristen has happily relied on the pill and is stunned to be told that she is in labour.

Coming Soon

Episode 25

Breech Baby in the Bath Tub

When Nicole wakes one night with terrible cramps, she is horrified to discover she is in labour. Will she and her baby survive?