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About The Show

Chris and his wife are going through a divorce so nasty it’s the talk of the town. Proceedings turn deadly when she discovers her Chris’ affair with his secretary.


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Episode 1

Living In Sin

Two female nursing assistants in a devout community in Pennsylvania fall in love. Tragedy strikes when the burden of reconciling sexuality and faith becomes too much.

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Episode 2

Onward, Christian Soldier

Jennifer was tired of being a military wife, and when a new pastor moves to town she spins a web of lies so she can be with him. What happened...

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Episode 3

Good Deed Punished

When a young woman needs shelter, a married couple take her in. However, things turn deadly when the young woman and the husband start a secret affair.

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Episode 4

Love Is War

A decorated marine faces war at home when he falls for a married woman. Suspicion and jealousy plague their affair and it destroys their families and their lives.

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Episode 5

Be My Savior

A teenager is swept off her feet by an older man. They vow to keep their relationship secret from her parents, but the plan fails when she accidently falls pregnant.

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Episode 6

The Night Shift

Two people become lovers when they meet by chance on night shifts, but he's not told her about his wife. The scandalous affair leads to a violent double murder.

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Episode 7

Together Forever, Forever Together

A teenager who isn't allowed to date falls in love with a senior at school. They go to extreme lengths to be together and it ends in disaster.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Family Matters

When a teen boy falls in love with a single teen mum, his very strict parents send him abroad. But, he'll stop at nothing to be reunited with the girl...

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Broken Trust

A teenage single mum with big ambitions of becoming a police officer falls in love with a charming and kind cop. But, how far can the law bend before it...

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Bound By Honor

A young woman has to hide her relationship from her orthodox father and protective brother. But, their heavenly relationship quickly becomes a hellish nightmare.