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Telling the stories of shockingly devious masterminds who used their wits and wiles to manipulate, seduce and almost get away with murder.


Episode 1

Caught In The Cover-Up

In Michigan, a simple affair between two colleagues turns complex as the lovers are willing to do anything - even commit murder - to protect their secret.

Episode 2

Devil Wears False Eyelashes

Three men die over a span of 12 years, with no suspicion of wrongdoing. But when a deadly car explosion rips through Florida, a new investigation begins.

Episode 3

Masking Evil

A burning car is found by the side of a highway on the same night a single mother of two is reported missing. The two events lead investigators to a...

Episode 4

Episode 4

When a 69-year-old veteran goes missing in Federal Heights, Colorado, in 2017 police rush to uncover a killer with a heinous plot, before the murderer strikes again.

Episode 5

Episode 5

In 1980, two eerily similar crimes occur 400 miles apart. They both leave a young mother dead and an infant child stolen. Years later, police unravel a shocking plot.

Episode 6

Lie For Me

An air force veteran disappears along with his savings. Detectives discover a woman has been draining his accounts, then uncover a conspiracy of greed and murder.

Episode 7

Sins Of A Mother

In 1994, Lake Orion, Michigan is rocked by a vicious murder. The crime is a mystery, until police expose a strange and twisted plot that no one saw coming.

Episode 8

Killer Track Record

When three women die of the same mysterious illness, the hunt is on to prove their deaths were no accident. Can detectives unravel this twisted tale of deceit?

Episode 9

Evil Sister Act

When a man's body is dumped in a cemetery, the trail leads detectives to question two very different sisters. How are they linked to this mysterious murder?

Episode 10

Teach Me To Kill

In Nevada, a beloved father is found dead in his car. As witnesses point to the victim's brother-in-law, detectives must get to the bottom of a deadly conspiracy.

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