About The Show

Jonathan and Drew redefine sibling rivalry in this flipping competition with very high stakes. Which brother will sell his house for the highest price?


Episode 1

No Rules!

The brothers decide on a new competition, this time with no rules on anything they do. For the first challenge they take on their living rooms and front entrances.

Episode 2

Who's King Of The Kitchens

Jonathan and Drew each renovate their kitchen and dining rooms, and chef Alex Guarnaschelli and actress Veronica Valencia stop by to judge the rooms.

Episode 3

Main Bedroom Magic

The third challenge has the brothers renovating bedroom suites, and Drew thinks he's bitten off more than he can chew while Jonathan races to keep up with him.

Episode 4

Garages to Guest Suites

The brothers battle it out in the additional dwelling unit challenge. The loser is sent to play tour guide on an LA tourist bus!

Episode 5

Extra Spaces Showdown

Jonathan and Drew compete with multiple indoor spaces as they race to the finale. The winner gets to go for a cruise in the car of their dreams.

Episode 6

No Rules, One Winner

Jonathan and Drew's no rules competition is almost complete. In the end, the brother that sells for the most profit will celebrate victory!

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