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Uncovering stories of people around the world who suffer from rare and mysterious medical conditions. Some need surgery so complex that the odds of survival are slim.


Episode 1

Burning Inside Out

Ylena's neck painfully dislocates at the slightest movement. Kayla has an extremely rare and painful condition where her arm burns on the inside.

Episode 2

My Body Is Eating My Bones

Ignacia suffers from a facial tumour that could asphyxiate her. Thomas has a rare bone eating disease that has ruined the left side of his torso.

Episode 3

Dad With No Limbs

Three-year-old Ana suffers from a brain crushing prematurely fused skull. Alex had septicaemia that rapidly led to the amputation of all four of his limbs.

Episode 4

The Teen Who Wants A Voice

Rebecca vomits up to 12 times an hour and is often hospitalised. Jacque has a lymphatic malformation in her face that means she has never talked.

Episode 5

Boy With No Jaw

Darina was born with a genetic disorder that's left her with a deformed mouth and jaw. Isaiah was born with his organs back to front and no jaw at all.

Episode 6

Allergic To Light

Fatima is allergic to light and even indoors must take precautions to avoid succumbing to skin cancer. Amar's face has been destroyed by a bony tumour.

Episode 7

Boy With No Eyes

Mahesh weighs 150kg, twice the weight of an average man, due to a syndrome that encourages constant eating. A development in the womb left Christian with no eyes.

Episode 8

The Boy Whose Eye Falls Out

Sulaiman suffers from Cruzon syndrome, which causes his eye to fall from his skull. Tony became a hermit when huge lumps grew around his face.

Episode 9

Balloon Man

In Peru, diver Alejandro's body has blown up like a balloon. Marc from Germany has to drink 20 litres of water every day or risks death. Will doctors offer a...

Episode 10

Joined At The Head

Italian professor Letitzia feels no physical pain and has broken limbs with no discomfort. Filipino twins Czarina and Ciara, 7, were born joined at the head.

Episode 11

Heart On The Outside

In India, Arpit was born with his heart positioned on the outside of his rib cage. In Brazil, Winny suffers from a rare disorder that means her skin falls off.

Episode 12

My New Face

In Mexico, Adrian, 22, has a basketball-sized tumour on the side of his face. In the US Janice has a giant leg that has grown out of proportion to the...

Episode 13

Little Dany's First Smile

In Mexico Dany, 8, was born with Moebius Syndrome which paralysed her face. She's set to undergo delicate microsurgery. Will she smile for the first time?

Episode 14

My Body Is Eating Itself

Lee, 42, from England, has a rare stomach disorder that means his body is eating itself. In Columbia, Edward is just 70cm tall. Can a specialist explain it?

Episode 15

World's Fattest Baby

In India, baby Chahat weighs as much a six-year-old. Her family travel 2000kms to see a top obesity expert. In Spain, Juana is allergic to the outside world.

Episode 16

Living With A Stranger's Face

When Richard, 43, was shot in the face he underwent a face transplant, but now has complications. In a Peruvian village boys and men are going blind.

Episode 17

My Child's Huge Hands

American toddler Cora was born with a condition causing her hands to swell up. In Brazil, Judite, was born with deformed legs and spine and walks on all fours.

Episode 18

Miracle Sight Surgery

A German woman blind in one eye has pioneering surgery where one of her teeth is used to hold a lens in her eye. Teenage Indian brothers are joined at...

Episode 19

My Dwarf Baby

The UK's shortest married couple both have dwarfism and are expecting their second child. In India, Miria is three and has a severe cleft palate.

Episode 20

Born Joined At The Head

Brazilian toddlers Ysabelle and Ysadora were born joined at the head. In Mexico, Flor, 19, has a rare disorder causing half her face to sink in on itself.

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