Episode 1

Welcome To The Auction Block

Punch and Judy pieces and a wedding dress attract interest at the appraisal affair. Plus, will a golf ball signed by Tiger Woods win big at auction?

Episode 2

The Bell

A San Quentin death row lock, a Chinese rolling ball clock, and a vintage Vespa with a side car, attract huge interest at auction - who will win the bidding...

Episode 3


A lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair comes under the hammer, and an antique buggy generates a lot of interest. Plus, can a carpenter blow his earnings sky high?

Episode 4

Story Time

Live reptiles crawl into auction, a garage sale shopper profits on a classic camera, and a collector has her eye on a pair of binoculars with links to Hollywood.

Episode 5

Bidding Wars

What will a sweet century old candy-maker, and a clock collector's dream make at auction? Plus, find out how a luxury pet bed sparked a bidding war.

Episode 6

High Sales...High Security

An antique bronze owl hides a surprise, and the collector's battle over ancient coins. Plus, what will a family find when they crack open a safe?

Episode 7

Hunting Down A Bargain

A handmade walking stick goes under the hammer, while a seller has high hopes for a pair of ballet shoes. Plus, what will a fire-fighting relic raise?

Episode 8

The Women Of Auctioneering

The crew hopes an antique English locket, a vintage sewing machine, and a set of pageant dresses will attract more female bidders - are they right?

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