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Coming Soon

Episode 1

No Good Deed

Seeking help with finding Woodhouse's killer, Archer gets involved with a crime boss, Mother, who asks him to spy on one of her rivals in exchange for her assistance.

Coming Soon

Episode 2


To get away from her controlling and demanding family the heiress to a vast fortune, Charlotte VanderTunt, asks Archer for help in faking her own death.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Jane Doe

After being caught with a dead body, Archer and Charlotte are arrested for murder. Help escaping the jail comes in the unexpected form of an imprisoned jazz quartet.

Coming Soon

Episode 4


Archer is enlisted by Mother to help convince the VanderTunts that Charlotte has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Figgis tries to claim the ransom money for himself.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Sleepers Wake

An enraged cyborg Dutch escapes from Krieger and goes looking for revenge. Meanwhile, Figgis and Poovey attempt to steal the ransom money from Archer.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Waxing Gibbous

Archer is in trouble with Mother after losing the ransom money. To save his life, he must get it back from Figgis and Poovey before they give it to Trexler.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Gramercy, Halberd!

Archer and Trexler hide from a rampaging and homicidal Dutch, while the rest of the gang try to get a wounded Cecil to the hospital.

Coming Soon

Episode 8


An exhausted Archer hits his limit and takes everyone prisoner until he finds out who killed Woodhouse. Meanwhile, Dutch is still chasing the gang looking for revenge.