Episode 1

What Now? What About Me?

David has a new job but, Annie remains frustrated with their living situation. Plus, Tarik pursues a pre-nuptial agreement and Molly finally moves on.

Episode 2

What Now? Caging A Stallion

Loren and Alexei argue over their priorities. Danielle is finally back on her feet after her divorce from Mohamed and Jon tries to cheer Fernanda up.

Episode 3

What Now? Delayed Plans

Jenny faces Larry's son for the first time and Asuelu has big news for Kalani's dad. Jonathan and Fernanda have an explosive row. Annie sees a lawyer.

Episode 4

What Now? How Could You?

Jonathan reveals what went wrong with his marriage to Fernanda. Rachel and Jon face the reality of their long-distance marriage. Jenny struggles to adjust.

Episode 5

What Now? Ready To Fight

Jonathan prepares for a legal battle with Fernanda. Emotions run high on Larry and Jenny's wedding day. Meanwhile, David reveals a big surprise to Annie.