Episode 1

New Beginnings

Avery prepares to visit Omar after eight months apart. Loren and Alexei have a life-changing surprise, and Jesse is open to finding love again.

Episode 2

Reunions And Revelations

Laura is back home and still confused about her separation from Aladin. Steven anxiously awaits Olga's arrival, while Tiffany and Ronald plan a trip.

Episode 3

Prepare For Landing

Corey issues Evelin an ultimatum about their wedding. Avery is nervous to meet Omar's family, and Jesse goes on his first blind date.

Episode 4

Relationship Roadblocks

Laura risks losing everything unless she stands up to Aladin. Rachel's trip to reunite with Jon is threatened, and Bianca has some news for Jesse.

Episode 5

The Life I Want

Tiffany and Ronald worry about their future. Annie is unsure about David's upcoming medical procedure, while Anny has life-changing news to share with Robert.

Episode 6

The Future Is Now

Rachel and Jon disagree about their expanding family. Rebecca is worried about Zied's future in America, while David is anxious about his hair transplant.

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