About The Show

The Johnstons are a family with Achondroplasia Dwarfism. Being small in an average-sized world isn’t easy, but they are up for any challenge.


Episode 1

Long Story Short

A recap of last year's highs and lows. Trent gets in shape, Alex experiences love, Anna deals with her anxiety, and Liz and Brice finally move in together.

Episode 1

The Rest Is Still Unwritten

Elizabeth makes a big decision about her relationship with Brice. Amber and Trent try out body painting. Anna buys a home and starts the process of moving in.

Episode 2

Breakup, Alt, Delete

Trent celebrates his St. Paddy's birthday with a competitive go-kart race. Liz deletes her relationship from social media. Alex gets an answer to his promposal.

Episode 3


The family takes a trampoline exercise class. After several kitchen mishaps, Anna learns to cook. Emma opens up to Liz about struggling to make friends.

Episode 4

The Cupid Shuffle

Alex and Emma attend prom while Trent and Amber relive their school romance. The girls take Ashley out for brunch and try to get the scoop on her relationship.

Episode 5

Cool For The Summer

Anna hosts a summer party at her new home, complete with an ice cream competition. Emma and Alex surprise Amber with a twist on a fancy Mother's Day meal.

Episode 6

Emma In Charge

Trent and Amber go on holiday. Anna puts makes dinner for the family and on her first day on the job, Emma struggles to reach new heights.

Episode 7

Truth Or Dare

Jonah and his friend Bryant enter their first BBQ competition. Alex confides in Jonah that his relationship with Allie is causing him stress.

Episode 8

I Almost Patio Drowned!

The family cools off with an ice water bucket challenge. Plus, Anna gets Liz and Emma's help in picking out outfits for the LPA conference.

Episode 9

Keep The Johnstons Weird

The Johnstons go to Austin, Texas for the LPA conference. Trent and Amber compete in the talent show. Liz and Brice need to tell their parents something.

Episode 10

One More Little Johnston?

The siblings react to Liz keeping a big secret from them. Meanwhile, Trent and Amber process the news of the changing Johnston family dynamic.

Episode 11

The Icing On The Cake

Liz and Brice reveal the gender of their baby. Alex and Emma head back to school for senior year. Trent and Amber have a big surprise for Liz.

Episode 12

The Measure Of A Life

The family hosts over 100 people at their house for Poppy's 90th birthday, where Liz and Brice share their exciting news.

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