Episode 1

Entering Wild, Wild Country

Jennifer and Andrew welcome new members to their nomadic community. How will they adapt to a hunter-gatherer life in Alaska's Tanana Valley?

Episode 2

Rogue Rage

Under pressure to catch a moose, Andrew and Gerrid must also contend with Oliver's stubbornness. Plus, Adam works on different building projects for base camp.

Episode 3

Under House Arrest

Andrew and Gerrid face a tense race against time to get the moose back to base camp. Plus, the whole community works together to build a goahti.

Episode 4

Zombie Fish Apocalypse

A disastrous fish haul threatens the colony's food supply. Adam sets off down river alone, and tensions between Oliver and the group reach boiling point.

Episode 5

Frozen Out

Oliver's refusal to help prep fish is the last straw for Andrew and Jennifer. A sudden temperature plunge cuts Adam and Evan's bear hunt short.

Episode 6

Hangry Days

Stranded, freezing and desperate for food, Adam and Evan make a dangerous journey to basecamp. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to survive solo as temperatures plummet.

Episode 7

And Then There Were None

The battle over the food supply pushes Adam, Evan, Christine and Gerrid to the limit. Andrew and Jennifer are abandoned at base camp.

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