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on the 7 Apr, 2011


Adventure Endurance

Tonight, in Coldest Race On Earth, on Discovery Channel at 9pm, James Cracknell faces his demons head-on, riding a bike, as he tackles the 430-miles of the Yukon Arctic Ultra.

James races through the depths of winter, in minus 50 degrees, battling 50mph freezing winds. This is more as a test against himself, after his recent head injury, rather than the other racers, as he explains in this exclusive interview clip.

To prepare for his ambitious adventure, James has commissioned the building of a new bike, specially designed to withstand the race’s punishing terrain.

He can take only the lightest possible emergency supplies, including the sleeping bag and makeshift tent that he’ll pitch alone in the wilderness.

See a man battle against the most extreme of environments and take on perhaps the biggest challenge of his life, as James tries to regain a sense of who he is, and if he can still cut it in the world of extreme endurance.

Watch the Coldest Race On Earth with James Cracknell, tonight on Discovery Channel at 9pm.

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